After covid-19, there has been a slow pace of development and the introduction of the new normal. Hence, many people are still working from home. When you work from home, you require a good sense of commitment and discipline. Here are a few yoga asanas to help you cultivate concentration and increase productivity.

Working from home comes with its pros and cons. Along with the everyday stress and anxiety, other distractions affect people working from home. While the alternative of working from home looks more convenient, people must think of how to increase productivity simultaneously. The present new normal has compelled individuals to set up their work in their homes.

If you are a parent working from home, then your spouse, children, and other members of the family towards whom you have your responsibility. Practicing yoga may boost your concentration and memory level. It improves the ability to multitask and enhances your efficiency. It increases productivity and prepares your body to fight the virus. Practice the below given basic asanas to enhance mental and physical wellbeing. It will improve your capacity and add to your professional growth.


Tadasana has several benefits, including improving body posture, self-awareness, and mental strength and relaxing the central nervous system. It enhances your posture and strengthens your ankles, feet, and thighs. Moreover, it prepares your body and makes your mind calm. Practicing regular asana will add to your physical strength along with mental stability.


For pranamasana, you must work on your posture. Stand with the hip widths parted, planted firmly on the floor. Place the arms together before your heart with the forearm parallel to the floor. Elbows must be pointed outwards, and feel the chest opening up. Feel the pressure when you gently breathe. It promotes proper balance of the body and develops a sense of mindfulness.


The formation initiates with sitting on a map with legs extended. Bend the knees and lean the torso back. Extend your arms in front and raise the legs to 45 degrees angle. With the arms parallel to the ground, keep the gaze on the toes or the nose. Breathe out when you release the pose. It strengthens the lower part of the body, leg muscles, and stomach.

Moreover, it improves the functioning of the digestive system. It tones your waist and promotes weight loss. It removes discomfort and eliminates lethargy. It builds your abdominal muscles and stimulates the hormonal, nervous, and circulatory systems.


Start by posing downwards and inhaling while you drop the torso forward until the arm stands perpendicular to the ground. Keep the shoulder straight, start with the torso parallel to the ground, and press the outer arm inward. Ensure to keep the index finger firmly on the ground.

Lower the knees on the base and look straight at the bottom. Keep the eyes and throat soft, and hold your posture for some time. It will strengthen your arms, muscles, and shoulders. Here, it also makes the spinal cord and abdominal muscles powerful. It builds core muscles and improves nervous system balance, as revealed in research reports of It stimulates a healthy body posture to help you heal from within.

These are a few restorative asanas that you can practice regularly to enhance the proper functioning of your body. When you take care of your regular physical exercise, it provides you with some benefits. When you are consistent with your physical exercise and balanced diet, it promotes proper health and hygiene. Along with this, you must be mindful of your dietary intake. Start increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables and enhance greens in your daily diet. Along with this, you must limit your smoking and alcohol habits. These are harmful to health and only affect your immune system.

Why follow a decent diet?

Along with regular physical exercise and meditation, a proper diet is essential for promoting health. You must hydrate your body by increasing the intake of water and juices. Drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water every day. Along with this, you must stay away from junk food and fast food. Although these are tempting, they are not suitable for your health.

Along with this, you must be cautious of the food you have. Take a small quantity of food at regular intervals. Do not starve yourself. It will help if you increase the intake of healthy fats, grains, and legumes. These regulate your body’s metabolic activity and protect your immune system. Along with this, you may also rely upon supplements available in the market. Various healthy alternatives may promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance your immunity.

You must be cautious of cognitive development along with physical health. Try practicing meditation and yoga because that promotes your cognitive wellbeing. When you are consistent with your regular physical exercise, you take a step towards your physical development and mental growth simultaneously.