Minimalism is in. It’s time to bring your kitchen out of the past and update your space to reflect the latest trends. In addition to bringing new life to your home, a minor kitchen remodel can offer up to a  78% return on your investment when you resell your house, so there’s good reason to keep your kitchen interiors looking chic and fresh. While your kitchen may be a bustling space, there are many small, simple ways to ensure a sleek, modern look,  while keeping costs low.

Cool Down Your Colors

Simplicity is key when picking a color wheel. While neutral colors, such as white, gray, or beige, look best in a minimalist kitchen, you don’t need to stick to one tone.  Explore subdued color palettes that carry both light and dark tones in colors that you love. If you do decide on an all-white look, don’t be afraid of the occasional pop of color, such as a colorful bouquet of flowers or a bright bowl of fruit to create interest.
In order to change your color scheme without an entire overhaul, consider your kitchen’s preexisting features and how you can best compliment them. If you have dark hardwood floors, brighten them up with a contrasting pale blue or cream. If your cabinets are already light-colored, a simple white coat of paint on your walls can totally transform your space. Think of small ways to simplify for maximum impact while saving money and time.

Minimalist Doesn’t Mean Boring

While you may be cutting down on patterns and colors, there are still ways to bring interest to your minimalist space. Choose one unexpected detail to bring life to your kitchen. Your design scheme may be simple overall, but a whimsical choice of a drawer pull, or a unique and eye-catching tile shape can allow for exciting, creative touches. Hexagonal tiles, for example,  a trend echoing back to the 1940s, are a simple way to make your kitchen stand out without opting for complicated designs. Making small but strong choices like this is a great way to make sure that  your personality is reflected in your home, even in a sleek space.

Embrace Empty Space 

Kitchens are bustling spaces in many homes, but that doesn’t mean they need to be unnecessarily cluttered. Challenge yourself to keep your counters clean and store small appliances like toasters and kettles in cabinets and drawers. Install shelves under your sink for cleaning supplies and larger appliances. Consider hanging pots and pans on a wall, or above an island, to maximize space. In addition to creating a stylish environment, a decluttered kitchen can evoke an immense sense of calm and order in your home.
In order to remove clutter without major remodeling, simply take time to sort through old belongings and get rid of any extra dishes or utensils that you no longer use. Make sure to only keep appliances and kitchen tools that you have actually used in the last year. Then create an organization system that makes sense for you – one that you can actually stick to. Small behavioral changes can make a big difference in creating a cleaner and more chic space.
You don’t need a major overhaul to update your kitchen with a modern, minimalist look. With a few small touches, you can create a sophisticated space that you can be proud of.