The working environment can influence an employee’s performance. Their workspace and the individuals around them could impact their productivity levels. Understandably, business leaders want to ensure that their employees are working in a space that boosts productivity and retention.

Whilst the space should cultivate a motivated workforce that thrives on being productive, it should also be a safe space. Employees should not have to attend work worried about how their health could be impacted by working for the company.

If you are looking for ways to create a safe working environment for employees to thrive, keep reading to find out more.

Thorough Onboarding And Training

Ensuring that all the team are on the same page about safety in the workplace is a must. Before a new individual joins the team and dives into work, conduct an onboarding training session that goes into the safety measures in place to protect employees. After the session has ended, you could conduct a quick test to see if they absorbed the information taught. Additionally, you can also offer these training sessions to current employees as a refresher, reminding the team of the safety measures the company has in place to protect their welfare.

Regularly Check The Space

A noticeable way to create a safe working environment for employees to thrive is by regularly checking the space. Ensure that workspaces are clear of any clutter and are clean. Look on the floor for any obstacles that could be a potential tripping hazard to employees. These could be bags on the floor, boxes, or cables. Any of these could lead to an employee getting injured if they do not notice when moving around the office. Ask employees to keep their workstations clear and free from clutter that could cause issues. In addition, conduct weekly checks of the office to see if everyone is following the safety measures in place to keep everyone safe. This helps to reduce the risk of an incident occurring.

Choosing The Coverage

Not all safety measures have to be physical changes to the office. Some measures can simply be adding procedures and safety nets to help protect employees in case of an incident. One safety net could be investing in workers’ compensation insurance. You could consider looking into workmans’ comp coverage from The Hartford to help ensure that all employees are protected. Should an incident occur during working hours where an employee gets injured, workers’ compensation insurance can offer healthcare and monetary benefits to the individual affected. This can give them peace of mind that they have the support to recover and return to work when ready.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several ways to create a safe working environment for employees to thrive. Implementing one or two of these could make a difference. Keep the conversation about employee safety open. Encourage your team to share their ideas on areas they feel the company could improve safety in the workplace. They could have workplace safety concerns that you can act on to resolve. All of these could help create a safe working environment for your employees.