I have just discovered an amazing post by a creative agency known as Imperial Leisure regarding how stories break on Twitter and how they can help you in amplifying your brand campaign.

Twitter has become a very popular platform among the students, celebrities, policymakers, politicians and the general public. It is used by more than 500 million people all over the world and has succeeded in creating the massive base of users. Many people say that Twitter is a great source of information and many users and organizations tweet interesting articles or latest information for users. It is a great tool for students for getting the latest news and developments and keeping them up to date.

Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can send or receive short posts which are called tweets. These tweets are 140 characters long where you can add links to relevant resources and websites. Twitter allows you to reach a new audience as soon as possible and help you in promoting your research like blog stories, links, etc. Here you can easily get feedback about your work and you can also give feedback to others. This will help you in expressing your brand and yourself as a person with the help of a creative agency.


Imperial Leisure says that “Twitter is where stories break and where it all happens” and they have created visualizations to understand how stories propagate and break on Twitter. But off-course, you need to be on Twitter to get the full idea about what is going on. Then you will be able to understand how stories break on Twitter and how that can help to intensify their reach of brand campaigns.

Imperial Leisure has divided the story break on Twitter into four key parts to help you easily understand. Therefore, let’s discuss these four key phases of stories break.

Phase 1- Spark: It is when the story gets released for the first time by the source or sources on Twitter.

Phase 2- Conductors: In this phase, the story gets to pick up by authoritative voices. Then after that, the waves of conversations start about the story.

Phase 3- Surge: Here, it is explained how conversation expands and there is a couple of ways through which conversation expands. The first one is through humor or debate and the second way is through platform sources like TV, press, video, etc join the conversation.

Phase 4- Normalization: Now the story has become established and begins a part of the day-to-day conversation on Twitter. The duration of this may be for a short time or can last for a constant period.

Image result for created visualizations to understand how stories on twitter

So, these were the four key phases that are given by the Imperial Leisure and by understanding these stories break you can easily help your brands to reach higher. By learning these it will allow brands to maximize the reach of their campaigns and will help then in getting a large audience.

A creative agency will help you in doing that by working with Twitter and providing you visualizations on how stories break and propagate on Twitter. Imperial Leisure is one of the best creative agencies to help you with Twitter stories. They have created the four animations which provide you different visualizations on how stories break on Twitter such as the iPhone announcement, Labour Manifesto leak, the announcement of the British Lion and a campaign film by Doritos. These will help you in better understanding the Twitter story and how you can use them.


Twitter stories are very easy to create with the help of Twitter Moments. Twitter Moments are a story that tells about what’s happening around the world. You can very easily create these Twitter stories in three simple ways. You can get access to twitter moments through your profile page, moments tab, or through a tweet. You can create moments for your brands by promoting an inspirational storyline or a message. Crating fun round-ups for your story or cementing on current stories. Moreover, you can easily promote your company news on these Twitter stories that will help you in generating a bit of buzz on Twitter.

Imperial Leisure is a creative agency will help you in pointing out the keen points of the twitter story. They will help you with creative strategy, creative work, promotional activities planning, and other advertising and marketing work to reach your goals faster. So, creative agencies will help your company’s brand to explain the story in the most convincing way to the targeted audience.

There are several benefits Imperial Leisure offers to help you with your twitter stories and some of them are provided here for you. These agencies offer so many benefits and getting them will give you so many advantages


  • The main focus of them is to make your company reach the top among other industries in the field of business.
  • They will suggest new ideas and strategies based on their analytics and they are not biased to suggest ideas based on your analytics.
  • They make promotional stories, videos, and animations using the latest technology and follow all the latest trends that are going around the world.
  • After getting these agencies it will make you free from searching and making your marketing team. Thus, you can leave all your marketing work to a creative agency to help you in promoting your brand
  • They also share their works all over the world and thus it will help you promote your brand in the future

Well, these were the benefits that you will be getting and there are also other so many benefits that you will get. So, you can easily promote your campaign in Twitter stories and as well as in other marketing platforms.

This completes an article about the best way of amplifying your brand campaign by understanding how Twitter stories break and propagate. Therefore, a creative agency called Imperial leisure is an agency that will put their heart into it to get the best result out of it.