With an impressive resume of 30 years welding and forging 12-inch nails, John Bisbee has made sculptures made using only one material, nails! You may think that nail sculptures would look morbid and creepy with there sharp metallic look – but these 24 Creative Sculptures Made With 12-Inch Nails showcases how nail sculptures can be very majestic and beautiful.

John Bisbee states that he is motivated by the saying “only nails, always different.” Which is shown in his sculptures, each artwork is unique with there style,  using hundreds of nails as the only material he has created unbelievable shapes!

Some of his Nail Sculptures fill up the room and are quite large, his fascination with nails began when he was scavenging for metal parts to use in his sculptures. With rusty nails being mostly found when scavenging – he has spent three decades exploring and being creative with this impressive medium.

More info: johnbisbee.com (h/t: colossal)