20. The Joy Of Lunch

Image: news.harvard.edu

The best time of the school for any kid is lunchtime. Even studies conducted by Harvard University advocate for a longer lunchtime, as it helps in many aspects. Lunchtime in school is not just meant for eating, after all. Kids use it to socialise with their best friends, and even the adults prefer to have lunch with their friends. It’s a great way to let off steam and be away from the stress of the day. So what makes for a good lunchtime? 

19. The Essential Ingredients


A delicious, healthy lunch, of course. And maybe some good friends to share it with, too. That’s all that is required to make for a nice meal and get you ready for another strenuous shift or another round of classes. But Andre Guerra has something else he packs in with his kid’s lunch, and it’s just so amazing we cannot help but be jealous of his son.

18. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Andre Guerra loves to draw. And he loves surprising his son with pictures in his lunch. And the pictures are awesome, they surely make his son smile and make his lunch extra special. But when and how did it all start?

17. A Second Generation Idea


Andre got this idea from his mother. As a kid, he often received surprise notes in his lunch. Sometimes they made him smile, and often times motivated him. So when it was his turn, he made sure he followed the good old family custom he always loved.

16. The Good ol’ Memories


“One of the greatest joys about bringing my own lunch to school was discovering all the surprise notes and little bits of motivation my mother would sneak in when I wasn’t looking,” Andre recalls. The notes made his day, and his notes to his son will make your day.

15. The Coolest Kid In The School


When a superhero turtle riding a cloud gives you a thumbs up. Your smile automatically becomes a bit wider. And then your friends fawn over how good of an artist your dad is, making you smile, even more.

Andre’s process might interest you more than you think, as this dad is in the running for “Best Dad Ever”.

14. For The Love Of Latiku


This is how Andre starts, with an empty canvas (or in his case, cardboard), and a few colored pencils. And from there, he makes out these unreal, extremely beautiful drawings that have become a talking point all over his son’s school. Andre is a big Nintendo fan, and often takes inspiration from the Nintendo characters. This one here, is Latiku.

13. Ohh, I Am Popular


The unique idea and the awesome drawings soon became popular all around the school, and social media alike–and so did Andre. Andre’s lunch box doodles started getting featured all over, one after another gaining praise. This is something that he drew from ABC News, but his drawing don’t stop there.

12. A Fun Lesson


Andre never pushed his son to compete with others. Instead, Andre inspired his son to do HIS best. And we believe Andre is doing his best as a dad and as an artist. Don’t you just love the people who walk the walk?

One day, Andre gave his son something he never thought he’d recieve.

11. A Not So Gentle Reminder


This note from Andre would surely have kept his son focused and attentive in the school that day. You open your lunch box and a spiny shell comes out advising you to keep a sharp mind. Hard not to keep your mind sharp after that amazing example of what dedication and hard work can achieve. Andre has many more tricks up his sleeve.

10. Surprise Surprise


Many of Andre’s doodles features characters from Mario. Like this one in the picture. We hope his son didn’t get scared of the ghost, though.

Video games are not the only inspiration for Andre’s art. And the next one is something we all dearly love.

9. Everything Is Awesome


Well, the Lego song (Everything is awesome) is definitely true about everything Andre draws. And Emmet, the lead of the awesome The Lego Movie, agrees completely. Andre’s son better keep all these doodles with him, because it will probably be years before he starts understanding them all. Although he probably understands and loves the next one already.

8. Mario Strikes Back


Well, maybe not. But even if Andre’s son doesn’t know much about gaming yet, we will be surprised if he doesn’t love this.

It seems as if the drawings keep getting better and better, and so does the message.

7.Ummm, Still Not Sure


The monster from Frankenstein is sure to be a favorite of the English teachers, and just about anyone who loves zombies. With the popularity surrounding “The Walking Dead” it’d be no surprise if this was the class favorite.

Andre draws other things that don’t make it into the lunch box, too.

6. The Punch Line


Here Andre illustrated the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Apart from current boxing matches, Andre is known for drawing some original content too. Are you a fan of original artwork? Then you will definitely find his following work as intriguing as his lunchbox specialities.

5. Some Gorgeous Work

Andre is creating a miniseries “The Adventures of Sprinkles and Meatball” and we absolutely love the artwork. Be it the shadow of the tail, or the pattern on curtains, it’s brilliant. And what’s up with characters on the top panel? Why is one of them spooked and the other nonchalant? Who is the guy casting the big shadow in the bottom panel? As I said, intriguing.

In his free time, Andre is known to watch a lot of movies, play video games and make awesome fan-art like the one in the next panel.

4. The Walking Dead


This is Daryl Dixon, from the Popular AMC show we were talking about earlier, “The Walking Dead”. Daryl is one of Andre’s favourite characters from the show.

Apart from drawings, pencil and colour sketches, Andre sometimes ventures into graphic designing as well. And as with all his work, his work leaves us in awe. Can you guess some more of his favorites?

3. No, You May Not


And the title is the answer you give when count Dracula asks you if he can take your bag. Andre’s tribute to Tim Burton is as chilling as it is great. Andre loves music as well, and the next slide is his tribute to a legend we all loved.

2. In The End


Because, “In The End”, it does matter, after-all. Chester, we hope you now belong to somewhere peaceful and your happiness is taking steps to get closer to you. Andre, being an artist, has a keen eye for possibilities and an even better imagination, and sometimes comes up with things like the next one, scarcely believable to us mortals.

1. The Bruce Leaf


Andre picks up a leaf and ends up with a Bruce leaf. He picks up a cardboard box, and ends up with an awesome message and an even better drawing for his son. His doodles for lunch made him famous, and his power of creating incredible art out of thin air is something which just keeps winning him more fans like us. And all of this started with a motivating note Andre’s mother snuck into his lunchbox.

So, be inspiring always, you never know whose life you might end up changing.