Deborah Dolen :: Mix Colors charts I created over a decade ago are downloaded almost every minute, 24/7. Most of my work about colour, project lesson models and development of colour charts were created by me – when my children were young and when I attended Ringling School of Art and Design.  The pursuit of colour points to just how important colour is.  It may surprise you that colour is also an integral element of math and physics as each and every colour does possess their very own energy frequency.

Thomas Edison is once to have said “There are colours in heaven we have never seen” shortly before his death.  I found a distinct correlation between early introduction of color to infants and adolescents to solid mathematical ability later in life. I found this true with two of my three daughters who had an easy time understanding physics, which is truly no attribute of mine. I could never help them with their math homework when they hit ninth grade.  Mathematical ability is, however, an attribute of the Montessori method I raised all of my daughters on.  Based on results of my own children, Deborah Dolen a firm believer in Maria Montessori and all of her teachings regarding stimuli.

Deborah Dolen: Color affects us completely in our ecological surroundings.  A room, for example, saturated in high-frequency colours is going to impact a person in a positive way, elevating mood and increasing productivity far more than a drab room or a room vacuous of any colour.  There are countless empirical studies on that statement and they and easy to find.  Music is an equal and parallel study to colour, mathematical ability and affect on the person in their ecological environment.  As with Edison’s statement about colors in heaven we have never seen before, I am sure there are musical notes in heaven we have also not enjoyed.  Music, a whole different subject of its own, also most distinctly has its own energy frequencies which is another attribute in Maria Montessori’s approach.Regarding color, I find it fascinating that black is the absence of all colour and white the presence of all colors.  To me, this represents the on-going struggle between the heavenly energy fields [inclusion of all energy and colour versus black, the absence of any energy, or color, otherwise known as an abyss.

Deborah Dolen said all colors are special, but red and violet possess the most interesting extensions of energy. We know these two concepts as Infra-red and Infra-violet.  They are already known to us as seeking and healing energies, both operating on extreme energy frequency levels.  If you are partial to one of those colours chances are good you are easily bored.

New to my colour charts in 2012 and what I have not written about in former color lesson models is the achievement of “neon” colors or “fluorescent” colors that have become popular since about 2010 when McCormick and other spice companies introduced them as food colours.  Neon and fluorescent colors became very popular.  So I do not have to learn what makes a neon color neon or a fluorescent colour fluorescent, I just work within mixing the nationally known brands.  The results are quite beautiful.  I am applying this to cake icing, as well as flavour blending, the concepts are being used in food service such as bartending and most compelling at the time of this writing, the dying of Easter eggs!