Some of the very best dedicated IP address VPNs currently out there include the likes of Pure VPN, VPN Area, Torguard, Cyber Ghost, and Nord VPN. For a comprehensive list of vpn with dedicated ip address see here.

Pure VPN is aimed at those individuals who are on a tight financial budget. If you take out a 5 year subscription with the company, you will just pay the equivalent of $0.99 per month. This is probably the cheapest service of any VPN that you will find. Despite of the cheap cost, there is no compromise on quality with it providing excellent connection speeds. This means that it can be used for things like streaming music and video content, as well as for general Internet browsing.

Guaranteed Security with Pure VPN

Security wise, Pure VPN ensures that all of your data is sent to their servers fully encrypted using AES 256. This works to protect you from anyone snooping on your online activities or from hackers attacking you. The IP locations that the company offers include AustraliA, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malta. Should you not be happy with the service then you can get your money back with their 31 day guarantee.

VPN Area has 13 different IP locations for you to choose from and includes countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and Romania. The price of their services range anywhere from $20 per year through to $44 per year. That works out at $1.67 and $3.67 per month respectively.

With VPN Area you are the only user of the server and so will never experience any issues relating to connection speed. The company uses a double encryption service whereby the internet traffic goes through two different servers, thus providing you with a greater level of anonymity. You also get anonymity through the fact that none of your personal information, such as your actual IP address, is ever logged.

Service Useful on any Electronic Device

The service can be used on pretty much any sort of electronic device with an Internet connection and allows you to connect to up to 6 of these on a single license. It too comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days in which you can get the cost of the subscription back should you not like the service.

Torguard features a number of different IP addresses rather than just a single dedicated one. These ones have been specially optimized so that they are ideal for online activity such as streaming music and video content. This means that there is no cap on bandwidth and so connection speeds are super fast.

Their service costs $7.99 per month, however their service is not refundable like the others mentioned. For added security, Torguard provides users with an instant kill switch, as well as protection against IPv6 and DNS leaks. In addition to this, the service also uses AES 256 bit encryption, meaning that all of your online activity is fully anonymous.