Product image is crucial for any eCommerce business. As the online market is rapidly growing, customers depend on images where the product should be the center of attraction in an image. Deep etching a product image removes the background from the object and makes it transparent.

For a large number of images, you can go for photo deep etched that will complete the task within the expected time by professionals and also be budget-friendly. But you can always try deep etching a product image in Photoshop.

In this article, I have described how you can remove a background from an image through deep etching. It’s like cutting an image of your favorite superstar and placing it in your diary but in a digital way. Don’t worry if you are new to photo editing. It’s quite easy to follow the steps. Let’s find out the process below.

What is the deep etching process in Photoshop?

The deep etching process is basically a kind of clipping path service. The process is done in Photoshop by using a pen tool to remove the background of an object in an image. A path is created around the object of the image for removing its background.

In the cumulative eCommerce market, the importance of product images is huge. You cannot only take a picture of the product and upload the raw picture. You have to notice the product color, texture, background, ratio, and so on. Distractive background can lose the eye of the product.

The deep etching process helps you to remove the messy background and lets the customers focus on the product only. Let’s find out how you can deep etch a product image in Photoshop.

The Process of Deep Etching a Product Image in Photoshop

Well, you don’t have to be an expert to deep etch an image. Here, I’ve described the steps you need to follow for deep etching of any image. Just follow the steps below and practice if you want to be perfect.

Open an Image of the Product in Photoshop

For deep etching, you have to first open the product image in Photoshop. You can open the image manually or you can open it in a shortcut way. For the manual way, you have to go to “File” and click on “Open”. Then go to the “Choose the image” option and click “OK” after selecting the image.

On the other hand, you can just drag the image on the Photoshop canvas from your files and drop it. After opening the image you can go for the next step.

Create a Path Layer

As you will remove the background of the product image, you have to draw a path around it by creating a path layer. For creating a path layer you have to find the Path tab. You will see it beside the layer tab and the icon is like a page on the tab.

Now create the path layer by clicking on that icon.

Find a Pen Tool

For drawing a path around the object you will need a pen tool. The pen tool can be found on the “Toolbar” of Photoshop. The icon looks like a nib of a fountain pen. To activate the pen tool you have to click on that icon or you can activate it by pressing “P” using your keyboard.

To draw a path around the object, a pen tool helps you through anchor points. You’ll know the details of drawing the path in the following step.

Draw Paths Around the Object

Now you have to draw a path around the product. You will need the pen tool and anchor points to mark the path accurately around the curvy edges. After starting to draw the path you have to move it carefully to get the accurate shape of the object.

When you are done drawing the path close it to the initial anchor point. For a good finish, draw carefully.

Make a Selection

To separate that background from the object after completing the path, you will need a selection. Go to the path tab and choose the path layer for creating the selection. Now, to find the selection, right-click on it and go to “make a selection” from the menu.

After clicking on that, you will see a moving dotted line around the object where you have drawn the path. It means that the selection has been activated.

Choose “Layer Via Copy”

This is the final step where the deep etching of the product image is fulfilled. Now that you have made the selection, it’s time to cut out the background from the object. For this, go to the toolbar and find a selection tool.

You can choose it from there or activate it by pressing the “L” button on the keyboard. Now right-click on the selected area of the image where you will see a menu. Click “layer via copy” from the menu and you will see a new background layer on the layer tab. This new layer is transparent.

To remove the main background, hide the original background tab. Now your product has a transparent background instead of that distracting background. This is how deep etching is done in Photoshop.

Final Say

Deep etching a product image in Photoshop isn’t difficult and you can learn it within a short time. It’s a very important process for any product image. So if you are not an editor and need deep etching for your business, it’s better to hire a professional for bulk work. Otherwise, you will not get enough time for your business if you spend it on photo editing. There are many clipping path service providers such as Clipping Way that will make your work easy. Well, if you love photo editing and want to learn deep etching then it’s a good step. Let me know how your first deep etching is.

Meta Title: 6 Easy Steps for Deep Etching a Product Image in Photoshop

Meta Description: Do you want to remove the distracting background for a product image? Deep etching cuts out the background and makes it transparent. A few steps in Photoshop and you will get a professional product image.