In this tutorial we’ll learn how to design a Little Lion Man inspired by the song from Mumford and Sons.

Open up a new document in Illustrator, using the color #ffa81d, with the pen tool draw a body shape like this.

With the color #ffc522, draw the legs and feet using the pen tool.

With the same color draw a face like this with the pen tool.

Using a dark grey color draw a mouth. Next with the color white draw pointy teeth. Using the color #ff1054 draw a tongue.

Using a dark grey color draw a nose with the pen tool. Next with the color #ffb715 draw the ears. Using a gradient that dark grey that fades to none, set the opacity to 11% so it blends it well.

Using the color #49360c draw some shapes on the ears like this. With the circle shape draw some eyes with a dark grey.

Next draw the claws using the color #262626, then draw some reflective light using the color #434343. Do this for both of the feet.

Lastly draw some claws on the hands using the color #262626.

Final Result