“Adding this place was perfect for NYC,” says one of the “Shot of Arts” visitors, while sitting in a very bright, colorful room and leaving her feedback to Illia Kuzmin, one of the project’s founders. The studio in the heart of Manhattan has become a loved weekend activity for adults and kids.

In addition to NYC location, you can learn more about the essential basics of art at a Shot of Art studios in Los Angeles, CA. They also have 16 other planned art studio locations in the USA. They have a unique project to enable anyone, regardless of skill, to create a piece of art with their own hands. Art will look perfect and professional as part of their home interior design. This is a unique opportunity for everyone to create pictures and a chance to enjoy their time with their friends, families, coworkers, or date while creating them.

Everyone decorates their home if they can. Whether we think about it or not, we do this as a way to assert our own will and creativity in our surroundings. One of the classier ways to decorate your home is with paintings. Sure, you can buy paintings or prints of professional art. It is better to have unique art. Hanging your own art on your walls is the best and makes for excellent conversations.

While education in creating fine art is helpful, you can create a great picture for your interior, even starting with zero artistic skills. You can also use the colors already used in your home’s interior and basic color theory to make a painting match your home. Colors in paintings are used to express the artist’s emotions when they are created and also convey emotions to all who look at the paintings. This is the essence of art created by human artists and not entirely by industrial processes or AI.

The Role of Abstract Art in Home Design

Creating your own art and decorating your home with it is fun and as easy as child’s play. Children given a chance will play by creating art, and whether it is good or not, proud parents still put it up on the fridge. Humans have decorated their walls with art since the very beginning when it was the walls of caves. Art is fun and fulfilling to make. It is now easier than ever to make great art at Shot of Art using their unique methods. This includes techniques of dripping, spinning, and even shooting paint balloons over a canvas with airsoft.

Using just imagination and a good mood, you can create a space canvas that would perfectly fit in your home interior. Shooting balloons filled with bright paints, which drop onto a white canvas beneath will help you create a real masterpiece!


Decorating your home with your own art really marks it as yours. The compliments you are sure to get from visitors will also be good for your self-esteem. Creating abstract art is all about expressing yourself creatively. Anyone can create masterpieces, very like the great American painters Cy Twombly or Mark Rothko. Abstract art is a fine art related to other historical fine art movements like Dada. Creating abstract art may not take skill. It is absolutely still respected as fine art, suitable for world-class museums and the walls of mansions.

Freedom of Creativity as a Way of Personal Development

Anyone can create a masterpiece of fine art. Abstract art offers freedom from figurative form, accurate representation in imagery and even reality. This freedom empowers you to create a masterpiece without mastering any difficult skills over years of practice. As a result, abstract art has formed and evolved various respected movements for more than one hundred years of modern history.

Shot of Art offers its own unique takes on abstract art. That all creates fun and memorable experiences making art with fine art to show off in your home. In addition, you can easily operate fine traditions and modern art movements behind them with easy-to-use Shot Of Art techniques.