Dezaro is an online Shopping Website of Sushil Udhyog. Sushil Udyog is a well-known Handicraft Industry in Jodhpur(Raj.) that deals with manufacturing various products like candle stand,clock,Bird-feeder,lamp,table,cd-rack,mirror-frame,Pencil Box etc along with furniture and gift items.Products are Beautiful in Designs and Modern Look which attract and fascinate all class of People.For the twenty-year old Sushil udyog, Launched their new online furniture store “DEZARO”. For sushil udyog competition has never really been a worry. Navigating a largely unorganized market and convincing customers to click and buy furniture online were bigger hurdles. When it started out, most branded furniture makers were located in the metros and apart from online furniture stores. It had a unique proposition.                        

The new brands on the block threaten the status quo for two reasons; one all home users want to purchase online with free shipping and second is the every brand want to be in online presence. Today a online furniture market is also likely to see a huge disruption as price bands and service expectations are challenged by a marketing and IT team of sushil udyog. So they launched a new online furniture store. Unlike to other brands they offer traditional cum contemporary furniture range. Some of hand made and some are likely made by machine. Beside this lot of handicraft item in a traditional way of Rajasthan, dezaro launched lots of handcrafted furniture and decor item which never be published to online or offline. All item are exported outside of india but in india lot of people don’t know the tradition of handicraft. Customized, not discounted One of the unique characteristics of the Dezaro furniture business is the high discount that e-tailers operate with. There is no middle man between factory and customer so the price will cost minimum during online purchase.Unicorns and profitability, usually, don’t go hand in hand. And given the rush of e-commerce brands shutting out the lights in recent months, the big challenge is keeping customers loyal. The only way e-commerce companies have done that is by dangling the carrot of deep discounts. Owner of DEZARO & SUSHIL UDYOG says “A happy customer is a repeat customer.” Dezaro has created a suite of in-house labels, created around the needs of every age group. It has, for example, Casa Craft, for the urban single youth. It has one for new parents and even one for the retired. But do people change their couches often? The duo quote from a study conducted by the company, which states that a customer changes six pieces of furniture or decor every year and that keeps them shopping.DEZARO offers a wide range product with highest wooden and iron quality. As all customer want they also ship between 7-8 days. And the always says “Everything is order to make”.They deals into bed, decor items,.chairs, figurine, outdoor furniture, bar furniture, doors etc.Get your first tradition furniture online. Login to Dezaro and purchase your furniture product directly from factory.