You’ll agree that our modern lives are flooded with digital jumble. With desktops, laptops, tablets, and even multiple screens, our workspaces can readily become battlefields of cables and screen exhaustion. What if there’s a way to simplify your setup, and at the same time, we can continuously positively impact your environment?

The Duex Plus portable laptop monitor is a compact powerhouse that offers a surprising level of screen real estate. It allows you to stop using the bulky desktop and that cumbersome second monitor and reduce your overall energy usage.

Read on to see how a portable monitor setup can help you attain digital decluttering and environmental friendliness


No more desktop towers

The traditional desktop computer is indeed powerful but an energy hog. Studies by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reveal that a typical desktop can consume an average of 200 watts of power. Adding extra monitors, printers, and peripherals will make your home office turn into an energy black hole.

Portable laptop monitors, on the other hand, were invented to be efficient. Their smaller size and LED backlighting naturally require extremely little power. Most models even draw power directly from your laptop through a USB-C cord, so they don’t require a separate power adapter to function.

Streamlining Your Workflow

Multiple monitors can boost productivity by allowing you more screen space for multitasking. However, if you use too many screens, you might experience information overload, which can reduce your focus. Also, it’s not ergonomically safe.

A thoughtfully configured portable monitor setup stimulates an ergonomic approach. But strategically, using a second screen for particular tasks declutters your visual space and potentially improves your attention. Imagine using your laptop for important tasks like writing while reading up on email notifications and reference materials on the portable monitor.

The power of portability

The beauty of a portable laptop monitor lies in its flexibility. If you need extra screen real estate on the go, you can just pack it in your bag and head to the coffee shop. If you’re working in a cramped hotel room, the portable screen can help you expand your workspace without sacrificing any other valuable desk space.

Its small size also allows a more transportable work style; you can move with it from one location to another. Imagine you can do your tasks from different spots or in different places in your house. How would you feel? Like a boss! It helps to improve creativity and has the potential to lessen the level at which you depend on energy-intensive lighting. You know that achieving that won’t be easy with a bulky desktop.

The Environmental Impact

So, what difference can a portable laptop screen setup make?

Now, if you stop using a 200-watt desktop and start using a laptop alongside a 30-watt portable monitor, you’ll automatically save 170 watts of power per hour. Let’s assume you spend 8 hours per day for 5 days weekly throughout the year. It means that you’ll cut down on the amount of energy that you use.

It may seem like individual effort doesn’t count, but the collective impact of individuals using monitors is substantial. If the movement towards minimalist designs is encouraged, using efficient portable monitors that save a lot of energy will greatly reduce the tech industry’s carbon footprint.

Embrace the Minimalist Movement

Adopting a minimalist portable monitor setup is a great step towards living an eco-conscious digital life, and these extra tips will help you further:

● Cloud Storage: put an end to the physical mishmash by saving your documents in the cloud; you should be familiar with that. Because it won’t only help you get rid of mishmash, but it’ll also remove the need for external hard drives.

● Energy-Saving Settings: Explore your laptop’s built-in power-saving qualities. You can reduce your screen brightness, activate robotic sleep mode, and even use a dark theme to reduce energy consumption.


You can easily declutter and simplify your digital life when you practice a minimalist routine with your tech setup. You’ll also see a boost in efficiency. Relieve yourself from the stress that comes with an unneeded, bulky digital life, embrace a more convenient way to work, and have fun at the same time.