Decorating homes with small space is definitely an uphill task. The average size of homes for people living in Ireland is around 81sq m only. If you visit Ireland, you can find beautifully decorated Irish homes.

There are lots of small space design DIY ideas available to decorate the home interior. These ideas include selecting the right kind of furniture and identifying the space to fit them inside your home. Even though there is a small space, these DIY space-saving interior design ideas will help you decorate your home exceptionally well.

Pro Tip: Protecting your beautifully decorated home is also essential. After decorating it nicely who would love to see their home getting damaged because of rain, storm and fire. In Ireland, the weather remains unpredictable, which is one of the primary cause of home damage. However, if you have home insurance, you can minimize the financial losses against such damages. If you are on a tight budget, then it’s worth it to compare home insurance quotes online and find the best coverage options available.

5 DIY Space-Saving Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes

Partition the space with furniture

Some common furniture in all homes are shelves, cupboards, etc. Generally, we place all this furniture against the wall. However, if you apply a trick and place them in between the room as partial dividers, you can create zones and save lots of space. Thus, you can easily partition the space with all your big furniture and create separate areas inside the living or dining area.

Buy folding tables

Space-saving furniture is available online and in the market. Most of them have the option to fold and hang against the wall when not in use. Dining tables often takes up too much space. In case you want to buy a dining table, buy a folding one. You can also buy a bench instead of chairs. The reason is, it can be easily tucked under the table when it is not in the use and you can save a lot of space.

Scan for all usable space inside your home

Windowsills and ledges are often overlooked, but they are unused areas which can be brilliantly utilized. You can use this space to keep plants or utilize the space as a small reading area. It not only gives a great interior look but you save a lot of interior space.

Buy circular furniture like tables

This is a proven space-saving tip about choosing the shape of the furniture. If you buy square-shaped or rectangular tables, it takes up lots of space. Instead, buy a round or oval-shaped table. Once you place it inside your room you can easily navigate around and also save space easily.

Don’t buy bulky furniture

If you buy bulky furniture like big sofa sets, etc. you won’t be able to fit them properly inside your living room. It is a better idea to look for small-scale furniture and buy them. Antique shops are great places to find this variety of furniture. Also, try buying them with sleek handles so that you save space.


Decorating your home is an art, but when space is small it is a real challenge. The above five best DIY space-saving interior design ideas will surely help you to utilize every inch of your hour interior. Apply them and decorate your home beautifully by overcoming the space issue.