Are you looking for some cool and easy hairstyles? We believe you have already visited multiple websites and platforms looking for these. Most of them look pretty. But hey! They are not that easy to make yourself. And of course, you don’t have time to visit a salon on every occasion. Don’t be disappointed.

We bring you a few to-do it yourself hairstyles that are not only easy but quick as well. Most importantly, they are trendy. We have tried to incorporate different styles to help you prep your hair for formal, informal, and casual occasions.

Let’s roll.

Low Chignon

A simple yet classic look that can never go out of style is a simple chignon. It may appear complicated to the onlookers but trust us, it isn’t. First off, entangle your hair. Now use a fine-tooth comb to make a low ponytail. Don’t forget to secure it. Take your hair and make a loop; the ends must point towards the crown. Explore a comprehensive guide to repair damaged hair for black women for effective and personalized hair care solutions.
​​​​​​​after this sentence: Secure it with bobby pins. Divide the ends into two halves and wrap one half over the elastic using a bobby pin. You must secure the remaining on the other side. And the final result is a beautiful vertical loop at the bottom.

Roll and Twist Side Ponytail

A super easy and trendy ponytail is our next do-it-yourself hairstyle. It is just perfect for formal and informal occasions. Begin with spraying a texturizer onto your hair. Then grab a section of hair from the front (left or right) and take it all across the back of your head. Now secure it with a bobby pin. Seize a small section of hair from the back and secure it over the earlier piece with a bobby pin. Continue doing this and securing with bobby pins. As you reach the other side of your head, take most of your hair (except a small piece in front) and make a ponytail. Hold the remaining piece, pull it next to your ear and below the base of the pony. Wrap it over the pony till there is no hair left. Use a bobby pin to secure the leftover hair.


Messy Bun

A messy bun is by far the most popular casual hairstyle for women of all age groups. Most women with medium-length hair think that a messy bun isn’t for them. We are here to bust the myth. Your shoulder-length hair is just perfect for the updo. All you need to have is hair spray, dry shampoo, and bobby pins. Remember, to nail a messy bun, you need to add some volume to your hair. So, the first step is to use a volumizing dry shampoo. Then take your hair away from your neck and face towards the top of your head. Secure the hair as high as possible. Now twist your hair and wrap it at the base of the bun. You may secure it as tight or as loose as you would like to. Finish it with an elastic or hair tie.

Headband updo

Headband updo is a sleek and stylish hairdo. Make it for a casual outing with your girls or a formula event. To get this hairstyle, start by spraying textured spray over freshly washed hair. Now place a headband (stretchy preferred) 2” behind the hairline and secure it with bobby pins. Now part your hair into three sections: two on the sides of the ears and one at the back. Tie the back section loose and towards the end of your hair. Now roll the back section towards the headband and tuck it into the headband. Take the right side section and twist it upwards. Pull some hair from the top of the twist and loosen it up. Secure it with bobby pins. Do the same with the left side. End it with spraying a firm hold spray.

Twisted Crown braids

Twisted crown braids are lovely. They look amazingly fancy but are extremely easy to do it yourself. However, you must try them on wet hair. Start with taking two sections from the top of the hair. Now twist them towards the front and cross the sections towards the back of your head. Take a section closer to the front, add some hair, and twist it away towards the back once again. Continue adding and twisting close and tight. As you are about to reach the front, make a simple rope braid. Take it around the crown and secure it with bobby pins wherever needed. You may try it on dry hair, but the results are always better on wet hair.

To conclude, we hope you’ve found a style you would like to try for the next occasion. We are sure it will fetch you compliments and nothing else. Try them, thank us later!