The emphasis in interior design over the upcoming ten years will be on sustainability and proximity to the natural world. In new brand collections as well as when designing places for living and working, it is becoming more and more common to look for natural-inspired designs, architecture, organic materials, colors, and finishes. As a result of the epidemic, several intriguing tendencies quickly formed and spread. We identify the most important trends in interior design for the upcoming season from across the globe.

Rattan furniture

People today desire to be more in touch with nature. Apartments in new construction will undoubtedly feature balconies, which will be used as a small vegetable garden rather than extra storage space. The need for naturalness will also be highlighted in interior design. Both the living room and the yard will be furnished with straw or rattan items that resemble garden furniture.

Rattan is especially popular in the UAE. The trend for dubai furniture began to quickly conquer the world. Natural rattan made from tropical vines is coated with varnish or wax. Synthetic rattan is made from polymer and reinforced with a metal or wooden profile. Rattan is a flexible, elastic material. To achieve flexibility, the wood is boiled in palm oil for a long time; the polymer is initially flexible. Rattan can be varnished, tinted, and bleached. Demonorops wood looks original without staining.

What interior items can be made from rattan?

  • streamlined cocoon chairs that are suspended from the ceiling;
  • Papasan, which has a round shape, with a stable support or rotating;
  • mamasan is an alternative to a sofa with a rounded frame and armrests;
  • rocking chairs help you get comfortable indoors and reduce stress

There are different types of rattan:

  • Himalayan is a vine up to 25 meters long, a classic basis for a lampshade, ethnic musical instrument, and decor.
  • The malacca palm is heavy, less flexible, and is used for making canes and umbrellas.
  • Cerotolobus palm – for lampshades, carpets, and wicker baskets. The material is highly soft and thin.
  • Manau is the most popular base for garden rattan furniture. The manau stem is wide and does not bend well.
  • Daemonorops are used to create furniture. From the fruits of the “devil’s rope,” the so-called ruby resin is obtained, which is used to varnish wood or marble.

Furniture made from natural rattan has many advantages:

  1. Durability (it serves for about 25 years).
  2. It weighs little and is easy to move.
  3. Easy care – you just need to keep it away from moisture and acetone.
  4. Resistant to temperature changes.
  5. Attractive design in harmony with the interior of the cottage and country landscape.
  6. The furniture can withstand high loads: chairs – up to 120 kg, sofas – up to 160 kg.

When choosing rattan furniture, check the joints. In quality products, there is a minimum of them. Check the quality of the fastening and braiding of joints. See how well the surfaces are painted or varnished.


The minimalist design continues to be the most common. It is already widely accepted as a classic in the field of interior design. A growing design trend is soft minimalism, which is not overly austere and is characterized by an enveloping soft and open space, tactilely pleasing surface textures made of high-quality natural or artificial materials, the absence of pointless and pretentious decor, and an abundance of cheery light and cozy warmth that evokes a sense of coziness. The interior in the soft minimalist style follows a straightforward formula: the Scandinavian cozy hygge is coupled with the Japanese idea of beauty, perfection, and restraint, with the use of materials with an expressive texture. Minimalism is popular both in the home interior and outdoors – for example, a stylish outdoor coffee table with laconic chairs can perfectly complement the lawn.

Quiet luxury

This is one of the most popular furniture trends of 2024. This applies to both outdoor furniture and home interiors. The growing popularity of the trend is associated with the final season of the acclaimed HBO series “Descendants” about the life of multi-billionaires from the Roy family, as well as the trial involving actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who impressed the public with her discreet stylish looks. The old money aesthetic – with its lack of ostentation and logomania – appeals to many. Despite the fleeting nature of fashion, including outdoor and indoor furniture, shoppers want something permanent that can last for years and remain relevant. Therefore, the growing popularity of this style is very useful. People want to get rid of visual noise and focus on discreet but expensive-looking items.

Interior design is set to be shaped by a profound connection with nature and a focus on sustainability. With the rise of trends like rattan furniture, Scandinavian minimalism, and quiet luxury, homeowners are seeking designs that are not just visually appealing but also durable, eco-friendly, and deeply rooted in timeless elegance.