Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT, or Troubleshooting & Maintaining Cisco IP Networks,is a qualifying exam for the CCNP Routing & Switching credential. The test is made up of 15-25 questions, and the students have a total of 120 minutes for the completion. The certification exam validates that you know how to plan & perform standard maintenance on the complex enterprise routed & switched networks. Also, you should be able to use technology-based practices anda systematic ITIL-compliant approach to carry out network troubleshooting. The topics that the candidates are required to study in preparation for this Cisco test are highlighted below:

  • Layer 2 Technologies – 40%;
  • Layer 3 Technologies – 40%;
  • Infrastructure Security – 5%;
  • Infrastructure Services – 5%;
  • VPN Technologies – 5%;
  • Network Principles – 5%.

It’s essential to mention that Cisco 300-135 is one of the exams that lead to the award of the CCNP R&S certification. Also known as TSHOOT, this test is designed to upgrade your knowledge of the Routing& Switching tests and evaluate your skills in troubleshooting.

In this certification guide, we will explore some of the fundamental questions that you may have about the Cisco 300-135 exam. Let’s get right into them.

What is the cost and passing score of the Cisco 300-135 exam?

To take this certification test, you are required to pay the fee of $300. If you are not a resident of the United States, it is recommended to check the official webpage to review the exam fee that is applicable to your region of residence. To pass 200-301 CCNA dumps , one must score a minimum of 846 on a scale of 1000. There are different types of questions that you can expect in the delivery of this test. They include multiplechoice, testlets, simlets, ticket troubleshooting, and so on.

Can I take the Cisco 300-135 exam before taking 300-101 and 300-115?

Yes, it is possible to take the TSHOOT test first before attempting the other two. However, the Cisco 300-135 exam evaluates your skills and knowledge of troubleshooting router and switch errors, which are covered extensively under the ROUTE and SWITCH tests. Therefore, it is recommended that you take these two exams before attempting 300-135 TSHOOT to enhance your chance of success.

Is it possible to answer the exam questions in any order?

Yes, you can solve the ticket questions in any order you want. As long as you are attempting the questions within the same ticket, you can answer them in no particular order. However, when you have clicked the ‘Done’ button, you will be unable to return to a particular ticket. This means you have to solve all the questions within the ticket before you move to the next one.

Can I go back to previous questions in the Cisco 300-135 exam?

Yes, it is possible to return to previous questions when taking the 300-135 certification test . To do this, press the ‘Previous Question’ button to go back. It is important to mention that you can only do this for the questions within the same ticket. When you click the ‘Done’ button, you won’t be able to return to the ticket again. It’s also essential to note that there is no the ‘Abort’ button in this exam anymore. This means you will not be able to cancel a ticket when you have chosen it. You will be required to complete it before you proceed to another one.

How can I prepare for the Cisco 300-135 exam?

There are many ways you can choose in order to prepare for your Cisco certification exam. However, there are some basic tips that will help you have effective preparation. Let’s look at them briefly.

Study the exam objectives in detail

This is very critical to your exam success. Before you start choosing resources or taking training courses, the first thing you need to do isgo through the exam objectives in detail. Read and understand each of the topics and subtopics and take notes on areas that you are conversant with and those that you are not. With this proceed to develop your study plan.

Create a study plan

Planning is very important for exam preparation. With a study plan, you can carefully determine how long you intend to spend on each topic and you can easily fit your study time into your daily schedule. The blueprint also saves you the temptation of leaving your preparation to a few weeks before the scheduled exam date. Create the plan and stick to it with great deliberation.

Choose the relevant resources

Having gone through the exam objectives, it will be easier for you to choose the relevant study materials. Browse through the certification page to explore the recommended resources and get the ones that you can use for your preparation process. It is important to read reviews about the prep tools before you choose them. The fact that they are recommended by Cisco doesn’t mean thatthey are prefect for your learning style. If the material doesn’t fit into your study plan, consider other options. You can also check the ExamSnap website for the relevant resources to prepare for your Cisco 300-135 test. As a matter of fact, everything you need to succeed inthis exam can be found on this training platform.

Are there any braindumps for the Cisco 300-135 exam?

Definitely, there are exam dumps that you can use to prepare for your test. No doubt, there are different platforms that offer braindumps for any certification exam, including this one. However, when choosing a resource website, it is recommended that you go for the one that offers up-to-date and relevant materials. ExamSnap is one of such sites that you can explore. You will find a lot of prep tools there, including practice tests that will help you ace your skills at the first attempt.


Now you have all the answers to your questions related to Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT. Remember that you can’t pass any exam without thorough preparation. So, focus on your studies and doyour best.