Many of us enjoy gambling now and then, but if betting and visiting £10 deposit casino not on Gamstop are among your ultimate favorite things to do, you might be considering a gambling tattoo.

There are loads of great gambling-inspired tattoo ideas, from subtle, minimalist designs to full sleeves with many different casino-related elements. Let’s look at ten of the most common gambling tattoos, some beautiful designs and what they symbolize.


1. Playing Cards Tattoos

While there are a lot of possible playing card tattoo designs, just as there are many card combinations you can have in your hand, there is one that you’re more likely to come across.

This is none other than the royal flush hand. Comprising a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, all of the same suit. This is the best hand you can have in a game of poker, so having this tattoo symbolizes power and success.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, but still want to convey the same meaning, the four-of-a-kind hand is another great symbol of power. A design with the ace of spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds is perhaps the most popular choice.

2. Number Seven Tattoos

Lucky number seven is another popular gambling-themed tattoo. The so-called magic number is a favorite in many countries and cultures around the world.

It is said to bring good luck to the wearer, so if you are looking to up your fortune and luck on your next bet or trip to the casino, lucky number seven is the tattoo you should get!

3. Lady Luck Tattoo Design

Here is another tattoo idea that is sure to bring you good luck at the card table – a stunning lady luck design. Consisting of a beautiful woman surrounded by cards and dice, there are loads of ways to make this design your own.

You could add other symbols of luck, such as a horseshoe, four-leaf clovers, an eight ball, or even the message ‘good luck’. The lady luck design is thought to originate from Roman mythology, specifically the goddess of fate and chance, Fortuna.

4. Poker Chips Tattoo

There are thousands of combinations with poker chips, so this is another design that you can really make your own. Knowing how and when to place your chips is key to winning a game of poker, therefore, those sporting this design consider it a sign of victory.

A large stack of poker chips is the perfect way to convey this message. Using poker chips in your gambling tattoo design can also be used to show a love for gambling, and your ability to overcome the opposition.

5. Rolling Dice Tattoo

Another famous gambling-themed tattoo you’ve probably come across many times before is the tumbling dice design. There can be different meanings behind this design, and the dice are usually included as part of a larger tattoo, such as a gambling-themed sleeve.

You could have the dice showing a number that has meaning to you, for example, a personal lucky number, or a loved one’s birthday. Adding flames to your dice design is a way to symbolize luck – flaming dice means luck is on your side.

In general, a dice tattoo means the wearer is a risk-taker and a bit of a daredevil. This is an excellent tattoo to choose if you consider yourself a bit of a free spirit who doesn’t like to plan too much in advance.

6. Cherry Tattoos

Initially, you might not think this is a gambling design, but a cherry tattoo is a subtle way to show your interest in gambling. The cherry symbol appears on many slot machines, and spinning three cherries in a row means you’ve won. So, including cherries in your gambling tattoo design is a good way to show you are lucky.

7. Joker Card Tattoo

The joker is the wild card in the deck, but it can have different meanings when tattooed on your skin. Some consider the joker to be a sign of good luck, but it can also mean the opposite, as well as deceit. Gamblers have to be up for taking risks, and a joker card tattoo is a great way to show you are a thrill-seeker.

8. Eight Ball Tattoo

A tattoo design that you can use to symbolize both good and bad luck is the black eight ball. In the table game of pool, this ball is considered the most important as it is the ball that determines the winner. Therefore, this tattoo design can be used to represent chance and is a nice way to show a balance between good times and bad – a balance in life.

9. Ace of Spades Tattoo Design

The ace of spades is a feature of most gambling-inspired tattoo designs, but you might not be aware of its meaning. Also known as the Death Card, the ace of spades is considered the most valuable and powerful card by many players.

The origins of this nickname date back to the Vietnam War, when it was common for American troops to use the symbol to threaten the enemy by painting it on their helmets. Prior to this, hundreds of years ago, the ace of spades was widely considered a sign of good fortune, but this is no longer the case.

10. Roulette Wheel Tattoos

The final type of gambling-inspired tattoo you might be considering is a roulette wheel design. Those who choose this design might decide to have the ball landing on a particular number with personal significance, giving this tattoo more meaning.

However, in general, the roulette wheel is used to represent taking risks. In the game, players often have to take a risk to get a big win, so by getting a roulette wheel tattoo, you can show the world that you’re not afraid to risk everything to win it all.

So there you have it – ten of the most popular gambling-themed tattoo designs. Whether you are a keen gambler or just like the meaning behind these tattoos, hopefully, you have found some inspiration for your next piece.