Weddings are perhaps the most festive occasion and the destination wedding ups the festivity quotient by turning it into a week long celebration. Destination weddings are rapidly exceeding the popularity of the traditional at-home weddings as they effortlessly combine the auspicious ceremonies with the fun of vacation. And there are literally truckloads of solid reasons for its gaining popularity.

The best benefit of having a destination wedding is the stress you leave behind. They are way simpler, easier and faster than the big fat traditional weddings. You can outsource the entire wedding preparations from the décor to the hospitality of your guests. Another pro of having a destination wedding is the amazing pictures you get. The backdrop of the mountains, the beach, the palace or just any exotic place you pick makes the best prop for photography. It may sound clichéd but destination weddings turn that dream of being whisked away by a charming prince into a reality.

The biggest excuse for not opting for a destination wedding is the extra costs it entails. However, the truth is both kinds of weddings are almost at par in terms of costing. In fact, there are many offer packages available that boast of affordable all-inclusive stays. Moreover tying the knot amidst the picturesque locale and your loved ones will more than compensate the extra cost. One may argue that not all of your guests can make it for destination wedding due to time constraints. But those who truly care for you will definitely take out the time and you could spend more time with the family and friends that love you.

And frankly, why would you want to settle with just a traditional wedding when you can have a trip of a lifetime with the people you love? So, stop over thinking and give a magical start to your ever after by planning a destination wedding.