As a business owner, you know that it is important to have a website in our modern times. 

You should know it is important to gather as much data as you can to make the customer experience better and draw in more quality visitors to your site.

Did you know that it is just as important to begin the Google Analytics 4 migration as soon as possible?

Read on to learn why GA4 is beneficial to your website, and why you should start the GA4 migration today. 

The Benefits of GA4

Those who use an analytics program on their website now know that collecting data to analyse will help you improve the customer experience.

This in turn helps to attract more quality visitors to your site, therefore leading to more sales and repeat customers. 

Switching to GA4 allows you to have better control of what data to collect, where it gets stored, and ultimately better control over the user experience of your website. 

Google Analytics 4 is the improved version of Google Analytics that allows you to measure traffic and collect data based on events, rather than being session-based. 

The need for complex models will become a thing of the past when you migrate to GA4.

Predictive capabilities will offer you all the guidance you need to get the proper insight of your site’s traffic. 

GA4 also offers new privacy controls with cookieless measurement plus conversion and behavioural modelling. 

Tracking how well your marketing, content, and products are performing is much easier. 

Which means you can confidently improve your site to enhance the user experience.

Migrate today

There are many reasons to start the migration to GA4 today. 

One of the most important is time. 

If you are currently using Universal or Google Analytics, it is important to note that as of July 1st of 2023, your analytics will no longer be recorded unless you have successfully migrated to GA4.

This is because Google will be shutting down the universal analytics program, cutting off the ability to process new data.

 How to start the migration process

Migrating to GA4 can be done in a few ways — DIY (the long and complicated way) or hiring a digital expert (the easy way).

If you choose to hire an expert, do your research to find someone who has ample experience with GA4 migration.

Look at online reviews and customer testimonials. 

Discuss what you wish to achieve with your data collection, analytics program, and other features.

Shop around to find the best price and service you can. 

If your website currently uses analytics, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the trends, analyse and store all the data, and use it to attract quality visitors.

GA4 is the new and much improved version of the current Google Analytics you may be using now. 

With all the new features, you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits. 

For these reasons, you should begin your website’s Google Analytics 4 migration today.

The GA4 migration process can take time and patience.

It can be a long process, depending on what analytics you are using now. 

To save yourself the stress of migrating your website yourself, call a digital expert to help you with the migration process today.