Have you ever faced a gifting dilemma? Are you also bored of giving the same old gifts again and again? Do you want to try something new?

Well! We have a solution for you and an eco-friendly one at that.

The world of the new digital age is moving towards sustainable living. Let us tell you how you can also be a part of this change; Environmental Friendly gifts is our answer!

Everyone needs plants! They are the perfect gifts to give on any occasion, and what’s more, they keep giving back as well.

Since it is the monsoon season, let us tell you about our current monsoon plant favorites.

Mogra/Jasmine Plant

The Mogra plant is a flowering plant which will fill your surroundings with sweet fragrance. Also known as the Jasmine plant, the delicate petals of the flower look pure and pious and are also used as offerings to gods. The plant flowers all year round and is low-maintenance. If you have a balcony or an outdoor garden with ample sunlight, then this plant is for you.The mogra plant will also serve as an excellent environmentally friendly gift, spreading love and fragrance to your friends and family.

Madhukamini Plant

Do you love fragrant flowering plants too?

Then the Madhukamini plant, also known as Murraya plant is the perfect gift. Tiny white sweet smelling flowers poke their heads out from dark green foliage and spread happiness all around. This is also an evergreen flowering plant and thrives well with minimum care. The leaves are a dark shade of green and shiny.

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Turtle Vine

If you also love creepers adorning the walls of your home and want the same for your friends and family, then we suggest you gift them the Turtle vine plant. This evergreen plant looks best in a hanging basket or decorative pot. As the plant grows, you can style it along the trellises of your homes or just let it hang down from the balcony. The creeping plant is a succulent and has delicate bright green leaves. The plant grows quickly and in no time you will have a basket-full of greenery. The best part about the Turtle vine plant is that it grows quickly. It is one of the best environmentally friendly gifts that will brighten the homes of your loved ones.

Since your plant will forever stay with your loved one, it will be rooted in nostalgic memories for them, reminding of the strong bond of love and friendship. Every time a new leaf unfurls or a new flower blooms, a smile will definitely adorn their face, and remind them of you.

So What Are You Waiting For?

The next time you are wondering about gifting options, just think green, because you definitely cannot go wrong here.

Let’s create some memories and strengthen our bonds for life, even when you’re apart.

Happy Gardening!