The first article you will take for publication should not be abandoned due to its low quality. As a writer, you have to check your weak points to compose the blog or a piece of web content for higher SERP rates on Google. If you have the best formula and strategy, you will be successful in getting regular views of more than 50 to make your article valuable for Google to keep it on the first page. Know the tactics of how to improve your writing efficiency plus the online SEO works to enhance the superb ROI within a short time. High ranking articles have long-lasting online visibility to engage visitors.

Choose the Best Title – Use Perfect Format/Font size/ Keywords 

The title is put on the top of the content. It is the start for a reader to go through the next paragraphs. Their eyes track the long tail title which is properly formatted maintaining the clarity in meaning. Here, you have to apply your innovative strategy to make it much presentable, relevant and up to the mark. The complicated jargon, obsolete terms and superfluous words should not be present in the title. Viewers search information based on primary keywords and important phrases which give them a quick snapshot of the whole theme. So, tactfully, place the main keywords/ phrases in the heading without inserting elliptical symbols/hashtags or any punctuation marks. The maximum word count will be around 11 to build up the title nicely. With good software, evaluate the keyword density before usage.

Quality of Article is a Must for High Search Results 

Google prefers qualitative content which has no flaws, grammatical errors, and plagiarized components. Same time, the authority of Google calculates the page viewing rates or engagement percentage. How many visitors are seen hitting your website for reading the content? Therefore, you need another better plan to optimize the article which will be an excellent lead generator with the possibility of earning regular prospects for conversion into sales. Backlinks and hyperlinked key phrases in the article are tools for viewers to go to the original sites to have more details. It wins trust from people who like content originality. The proper backlinks given on other sites prove that readers have the habit to keep in touch with your blog posting portal for having new updates. Google depends on this type of website with backlink and outbound links as well.

The article for online posting should be informative. However, there is a way of organizing all the points without creating ambiguity. For example, intro must be precise and you can’t fill up the sentences with several points, examples, and unnecessary analysis. The body of the content is the place where you can do your artwork. Besides, every sub-heading needs a link or connector to make the bridge for a reader to discover the smooth connectivity. So, important is the sequence of facts to cater in the article.

Article Length 

Recent trend hovers on content length. The short 300-word count text is not a top priority for Google to publish. Experts say that 1000 to 2000 words of the article are acceptable to higher authorities. Here, you need to go through a few top high-rank articles and measure the size to have a roadmap.

Use Images 

The glossy images impress viewers. In this digital market, people want a variance. They like content visualization like colorful graphic design and screenshots of products. If you have the best images, reset the size of the picture, tune-up color resolution for pasting it in the specific domain within the supportive paragraphs. Finally, give short descriptions with the images to make readers understand your views and objectives/themes, etc.

Your article is a guide to provide readers with a lot of relevant facts about the subject. Here, you must be an expert on how to place all points in order or step by step. Using bullet points, and several sub-headings with secondary keywords, you can upgrade the content to a great extent. It must have higher readership rates. Enticing sentences quoted statements, and a bundle of instances reinforce the foundation of the article. It will be a good source for visitors to have precious data for knowledge updating. Lastly, do not leave the concluding part. It is the last stage of drawing an end to finish the article. It must be catchy and thought-provoking reflecting the writer’s own views/comments/decision.