Regardless of whether you are renovating your home or building a new structure from scratch, there are a number of options for roofing materials. Asphalt roofing is the traditional choice, but sheet metal roofing is becoming more popular. Metal roofing options are bountiful and can include copper, aluminum, galvanized silver, etc.

Why is sheet metal roofing better than asphalt?

Sheet metal roofs are comparatively expensive but last between 40 and 70 years compared to the to 15-20 year life expectancy of asphalt roofs. Thus, this long-lasting property of metal roofing is beneficial and eliminates the need to replace your roof often.

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  • Flat metal seams: Ideal for flat, curved, barrel vaults, domes and low-pitch roofs, it is made of sheets of copper folded one over another. A seamer seals the sheets together and makes them watertight.
  • Copper work: Commonly used in roofing, gutter, weathervanes, this usually lasts more than 50 years. Though copper turns to a beautiful rustic green shade over time, there are ways to retain the original shade.

Sheet metal roof benefits:

Durability: The metals usually used for roofing are strong and durable. Metal roofing panels don’t crack, split, decay and aren’t affected by insects and fire. Unlike asphalt roofs which require you to replace shingles every few years, metal roofs require less maintenance.

Energy efficient: Metal panels keep the sun rays away during summer, thus reducing the need for air conditioning. Due to their excellent insulation property they also keep the home warm during winters. The overall impact is that sheet metal roofs cut down on energy bills.

Versatility: You can discuss your ideas with your roof manufacturer and select a design and color that matches your style. You’ll find traditional and contemporary designs and it is possible to customize metals to mimic the appearance of wood, slate, tile, shingle and clay.

Ease of installation: Metal roof materials generally are available as 12 to 36 inch wide panels or multiple-shingle sections and require less time to install. If you are replacing a damaged, old roof and you are expecting a storm to happen soon, ask your roofing contractor to install the metal roof as soon as possible.

Environment-friendly: Unlike asphalt shingles which are disposed of at a landfill site; metal roof panels are made of 20% to 95% recycled materials thus contributing to environment-friendliness.

These advantages show why sheet metal roofs are becoming more popular. These roofs can protect your home for long periods of time at comparable or less costs than traditional roofing.