The happiest place on earth, Disney World, is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion. Whether you’re there on your honeymoon, family vacation, or just want to get in touch with your inner child, nobody can be upset at this magical theme park. Through all the laughs, smiles, and silly characters, there are bound to be some pretty hilarious photos caught at the famous theme park.


Even the people who play your favorite characters can have some pretty bad sides. These two actors were arrested while at work and trucked off to the slammer in front of all those children.

Duck Crossing

Donald Duck protects his ducky friends as they make their way through the theme park. How adorable is it to see these birds stick together?

Clowning Around

Disney World isn’t just for little kids. Even the big kids have fun too.

Go to Sleep

This little girl is not at all impressed with Sleeping Beauty. If it were up to her, the princess would be put to sleep again.

No Thank You

This girl may look a little like Belle, but she definitely isn’t interested in Gaston’s affection. We can only wonder if he will ever find a lady who will love him.

Even Dads Are Fans

Don’t put it past your dad to be a Disney fan. This dad is all about posing with Snow White. This Dad also happens to play Detective Hank in the hit show Breaking Bad


No parent is immune to dealing with temper tantrums from their children, even celebrities. Drew Barrymore took her daughter to Disney World and watched her have a full blown meltdown on the ground.

Arch Nemesis

Maybe wearing a shirt with Ursula on the front wasn’t the best idea when meeting the Little Mermaid.


Minnie isn’t amused with this guy’s DeadMau5 shirt. In fact, she even looks a little offended.

Will You Marry Me?

It’s no surprise that proposals happen almost every day at this magical theme park. However, it isn’t often that you see someone propose to one of the characters.

Uncle Tigger

Tigger is always on the look out to protect young eyes. We aren’t sure what was going on, but he thought it was necessary to cover these young girls’ eyes.


This clever guy decided to get down on the hot sidewalk and make it look like he was hit with this falling object. Hopefully the heat from the concrete was worth getting this picture.


Who do you think is more shocked? The girl who was proposed to or the witness behind her?


Walking around Disney World is a big day for those little ones. This little girl has tapped out for the day. It’s time to be carried back to the hotel room.

Everyone’s a Princess

No matter who you are, everyone is a princess at Disney World. There is a crown for everyone here.

Remember, We’re Toys!

Whoops! Looks like Andy walked into the room. It’s time for the toys to drop and act like actual toys.


This tourist walked right in front of the camera just as this couple was getting engaged. Talk about terrible timing.

Goofy Kisses

Goofy tries to give this little munchkin a kiss on the head, but his mouth is too big. So, now these parents are stuck with a photo that looks like Goofy is trying eat their child.

Freshening Up

These jokesters decided to bring props with them onto the log flume. It was totally worth it.

Enough Princesses

These little boys have had enough taking pictures with princesses. They’re ready to go and see the Star Wars characters.

Drama in the Mickey Mouse Club

It looks like there’s some drama brewing in the Mickey Mouse Club. Minnie doesn’t seem to have much loyalty to Mickey.

Under the Mask

The truth is revealed. It’s actually a woman who enjoys chain smoking under the Mickey Mouse head. Who could’ve guessed?

Looking Fishy

Adults like to have fun at Disney World too. However, this guy can’t seem to get the hang of the fishy face with the Little Mermaid.

Scared Baby

Sometimes the characters at Disney aren’t the most beautiful. In fact, they can be quite scary when it comes to little kids taking photos with them.

Hungry Goofy

It looks like Goofy has a big appetite for little children.

There’s Always One

There’s always that one friend who has to mess up a cute photo.

And the Costume Award Goes To…

This guy had the most epic costume during a 5K at Disney World. If there were awards, he would win first place.