Are you a bearded hipster in need of a calender? Our society today has been taken over by beards, their popularity seems to be rising over the past few months. Brands are now taking notice of this trend and are starting to create products for hipsters like this Bearded Calendar That ‘Grows’ With Each Passing Month.

This unique calender was created by Anna Marinenko’s, titled the “Bearded Year” calendar, it’s take a minimalist approach with a monthly tracker that shows a beard as the main feature.

As each month progresses, the beard goes from transparent to a full hipster beard. If you’re not a fan of paged calenders, they also have a calender in poster form.

If you’re a hipster wannabe or a hipster already, why not grab this creative Hipster Bearded Calendar That ‘Grows’ With Each Passing Month and be the envy of all your friends!

More info:  Anna Marinenko | Buy ‘Bearded Year’ on Etsy

[via Elite Daily, images via Anna Marinenko]