If you are considering purchasing a vacation rental property, there are many things to take into account. Not only do you need to find the perfect location, but you also need to make sure that the property is furnished and decorated in a way that will appeal to guests. Here are some creative tips for furnishing and decorating a vacation rental:


One of the most important aspects of furnishing a vacation rental is making sure that all of the furnishings are comfortable and inviting. This means choosing furniture that is not only stylish but also practical. For example, opt for sofas and chairs with washable slipcovers in case of spills or accidents. It is also important to choose furniture that is durable and will withstand heavy use.

Sleeper sofas and futons are also a good option for vacation rentals because they can be used as both a sofa and a bed. This allows you to save space and money by not having to purchase separate pieces of furniture for the living room and bedroom.

When it comes to choosing bedding, it is important to opt for quality over quantity. Guests will appreciate having high-quality sheets and blankets to sleep in. It is also a good idea to have several sets of bedding so that you can easily change them out between guests.


When it comes to decorating a vacation rental, it is important to create a space that feels like home. This means incorporating personal touches that make the space feel warm and inviting. Try hanging neutral wall art and adding colorful throw pillows to the sofa. Try to avoid personal family items, you want your renters to feel like it’s their home away from home.

Functionality is a priority when decorating a vacation rental. Choose items that will be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. For example, opt for coffee tables with built-in storage so that guests can easily access books, magazines, and other items they may need during their stay.

It is also important to make sure that the space is well-lit. This means adding lamps to dark corners and making sure that all of the light bulbs are working.

Fresh Paint

One of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up a vacation rental is with a fresh coat of paint. Choose neutral colors that will appeal to a wide range of guests. This will make it easier to change the look of the space if you decide to redecorate in the future.

Avoid Anything Fragile

When furnishing a vacation rental, it is important to avoid anything that is fragile or delicate. This includes items such as vases, centerpieces, and figurines. Not only are these items more likely to break, but they can also be a hazard for guests with small children. Instead, opt for sturdy furniture and décor items that can withstand heavy use.

Think of Your Target Audience

This will help you determine what type of furnishings and décor to choose. For example, if you are renting to families with small children, you will want to avoid anything that could be a safety hazard. If you are renting to business travelers, you will want to make sure that the property has all the necessary amenities.

Have Extras of Everything

This includes things like towels, bedding, dishes, and even furniture. It is always better to have too much than not enough. Owners must have extra for everything, some tenants might invite visitors to com over so it’s better to have extra towels, plates or even best mattress for Airbnb and rentals from Sleepify for accessibility,

Stock the rental with extra toilet paper, paper towels, soap, detergent, and other necessary items. This will save guests the hassle of having to go out and purchase these items themselves.

Include a Welcome Basket

A welcome basket is a nice touch that will make guests feel appreciated. Fill the basket with items like snacks, coffee, tea, and local maps and brochures. You can also include information about the property and any nearby attractions.

If your rental is on the beach, consider filling the basket with items like sunscreen, beach towels, and sunglasses. If your rental is in the mountains, fill the basket with items like hiking maps and trail mix.

Consider a Wear-‘N’-Tear Deposit

A wear-‘n’-tear deposit is an additional fee that you can charge guests to cover any damages that may occur during their stay. This is a good way to protect yourself in case of any accidents or mishaps. You can also use the deposit to offset the cost of replacing items that are worn out from heavy use, such as towels and linens. Be sure to clearly state the terms of the deposit in your rental agreement so that there are no surprises for guests.

By following these tips, you can easily furnish and decorate a vacation rental that is ready for guests.