Artificial Intelligence is going to change every single industry out there in the coming years. It is predicted to be the next revolution of humanity. Every tech giant has invested in this technology, and you can already see some equipment infused with AI, like a mini computer, for example. Marketing is one of the industries that is already using artificial intelligence to its advantage, and here is what they are doing.

Pay per click advertising

Most marketing specialists create their pay-per-click campaigns with AdWords and Facebook. It is estimated that Google controls a little over 40% of the digital ad market of the USA, followed by Facebook with 19%. Where Artificial Intelligence comes in here is to uncover new media channels for an advertisement that may not be used by the competition.

Machine-learning algorithms are helpful with optimizing copywriting, targeting, and bids to get better marketing results.

AI content

Natural-language generation is the next area AI that helps modern marketers. It has great potential in making the work of copywriters and other content creators more efficient. It is predicted that machines will author 20 % of all business content in the coming years.

Smart customer engagement

Artificial Intelligence is also highly helpful with making your customers stay with you for longer, so it lowers the churn rate. AI-powered churn predictions enable marketers to keep more customers engaged and, as a result, produce more profit for the company. This helpful tool is here to help the marketing department adjust their communications with clients and campaigns accordingly to customers’ needs.

These are just a few of the AI tools that are used within the marketing industry. The potential for Artificial Intelligence changing modern marketing for the better is endless. These days, marketing lacks a little bit of efficiency, but Artificial Intelligence will change it in no time.