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If you ask someone if there is a correlation between an office job and the weather, they would probably say no. And it certainly appears so at first. Unless you cannot reach the office because of the weather, there is really no reason why your performance should be affected.

However, that is not really the case. You probably noticed yourself that sitting at your desk while there is a sunny day outside seems really difficult. The first thing you want to do is go out and enjoy the day. However, while you were probably focusing on your own feelings, you probably did not notice that the clients were probably lacking as well.

A beautiful weather has the potential to distract everyone from their problems, but it appears that its impact is more serious than we would have thought. In fact, according to the British Retail Consortium – KPMG survey, it appears that May retails sales rose by 1.4% over June last year, and 0.5% over the previous month. And according to the research, it appears that sunnier weather was one of the factors for that.

“With a summer of sport kicking off in June and festival season getting under way, retailers will be hoping that the feel good factor coupled with a dose of summer sunshine will keep the tills ringing over the summer months,” declared the UK Head of Retail at KPMG, David McCorquodale back then.

Holidays also have an impact on our buying patterns

Sunny weather also means Easter and even vacations, which can affect retail sales as well. David McCorquodale from KPMG explained that home accessories and furniture are some of the most popular items in this period, while “Mother’s Day” boosts the watches and jewelry sales.

“Retail is an industry undergoing significant structural change as the investment in the digital offer continues apace while, from a consumer perspective, more disposable income is being spent on leisure and entertainment,” added the Chief Executive with the BRC, Helen Dickinson.

Other important events

Retails sales are influenced by many other factors. For example, certain iconic events can also have an effect on the sale, and the Royal Wedding is one of them. The wedding took place a few years ago, but it was important enough and there was good weather, and these were important factors.

Small businesses are the ones that are affected by this, since the productivity of the employees goes down after they have time off work. The combination between the Royal Wedding and bank holidays could also be dangerous for small businesses owners.

Back then, FSB spokespersons predicted the impact of the wedding. The free days led to a three-day week which made many workers decide not to shop up for work. The fact that shop staff was expected to be paid time-and-a-half on a bank holiday, which was another cost for some firms.

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