At first most small-scale businesses start promoting and serving in a particular region of their conveniences before going international. So, as they want to grow their business, they need a proper International SEO strategy that can help to correctly target the right audience and get the most of their return on investment. So, below are some International SEO strategies mentioned that, if followed properly, can help your brand to gain an optimum amount of subscriber base, conversions, and traffic. 

Estimate your potential in your target countries

It is important for the brand or the SEO experts working under the brand to trace out the ranking of the website in your specific target country. It can trace out through Google Analytics. Now you can assess each specific keyword to find out how they are performing in your target countries. 

Now through some domain analytics tools, you can track the traffic that your domain receives monthly. And apart from that, you can bring out the organic search report showing the organic search results where your keywords are ranking at the top. It depends on the tools you are using, but it is better to scrutinize everything you see. You can therefore gather relevant keywords that rank high on the list. So, you can utilize those keywords to get more traffic that will help you in reaching your goals.

Analyze the competitive landscape

Whether your brand has a mega potential to create a landslide in the country you are targeting, you still need to assess your competitors who deal with the similar kind of services and products that you do. It is sure that you already know your competitors before going into the market. But you also have to identify those competitors who are digitally omnipresent in most sections.

 So, therefore, a brand must concentrate on its organic competitors. You can use certain tools to assess the competitors that are available in the location in which you are targeting. After the assessment, you might find competitors that cross your traffic range with some suitable keywords. So, after tracing out, your newer competitors try to import some keywords from them. This will collectively increase your organic traffic.

Conduct an international keyword research

After identifying your competitors, it is now time to decide the kind of keywords that you will borrow from your competitors. In your evaluation process, you must search out for keywords that are common and unique between both domains. You can use a tool of your preference, and in that, you must mention the domain name you are targeting as competitors. From that, you can take a look at the common and unique keywords between your brand and the competitor’s brand. 

Now before you start the extraction procedure of extracting keywords, try to extract keywords by being very picky as keywords that you choose must have high search volume and low difficulty level. This means keywords that are relevant to your content and can trap more audience. It is important to include keywords that have search volume greater than 500 and putting out keywords that have a difficulty level of 60 and more. Later you can track the performance of the keywords that you have utilized.

Localize your brand

After gathering the keywords, it is more important to localize your content which is in parallel with the locality you are targeting. You need to layout things in a way that is relevant to the geographic location. Simply translating the original texts into the native texts doesn’t make any difference.  So, it is important to create things according along with adding relevant keywords. In areas like the content, the technical descriptions, and others, your brands need to exact and precise about everything that you say. Thereby the terms you use, the content you write all must match with the culture you are getting into. A brand needs to respect the traditions and culture they are getting into.


Also, remember to concentrate on technical factors like the website structure as it must comply with what is locally acceptable. Try opting for local hosting so that the connection speed is faster. Thus keeping these things in the right place will be useful to trap a large audience in the local area.