Saving energy, whether it be at your workplace or home, is extremely important. Now, although it may seem extremely difficult to motivate employees to save energy, it is something that can be done as long as you are determined.

In this article, we will be helping you by giving you a few tips and tricks that you could use on your employees so that they are aware of the importance of energy consumption and its consequences. So with that being said, let’s dive right into it, folks!

Educating employees

The first and foremost thing that you need to do if you want your employees to reduce electricity consumption is to build a strong relationship with them. No one likes a bossy and arrogant human. That is why you should try to be more understanding so that they are comfortable with you.

This way, you can easily make them understand and convince them why saving energy is important. You have to ask yourself questions such as:

· Do they know what some of their habits contribute to energy waste?

· How are they going to react when you tell them of your plan?

· What methods do you think you should introduce that will not make your employees feel uncomfortable?

Asking these questions to yourself and then ultimately to your employees will help you build a sense of trust and understanding.

Post posters

Another extremely helpful way to make sure that your employees are listening to you and are aware of your determination is to print out posters and signs and place them throughout the office walls.

You could try placing posters near areas where you might think electricity consumption is high such as in areas like printer rooms, desktop areas, projector rooms, etc.

The goal here is to constantly remind your employees of how determined and willing you are to save on electricity bills. You could even start having talks about the importance of having an eco-friendly environment.

This way, your partners and workers will understand that it is not about the personal benefit but rather a collective effort for the betterment of the planet. Furthermore, you could even get proper assistance from business energy comparison, so you know how to save energy most efficiently.

Upgrading equipment

One thing that many people out there hate is someone who talks big but performs little to no action. People tend to take them less seriously and view them as a talking shop.

If you want to make effective changes, you have to make sure you do not become this sort of person.

For this reason, you should try to introduce new gadgets and equipment that are up to date so that your employees know how serious you are.

One benefit of doing this is that they will be more motivated to save energy when they know that you are investing in new products.

Once you do this, you can then start telling your employees to bring innovative ideas to reduce energy consumption in the workplace. It is worth mentioning that the key here is to engage as many employees as you can.

Get everyone involved

Another important practice that you can introduce in your workplace is to gather everyone around and have a meeting on the future of your business, keeping in mind the expenses of bills and electricity.

This may seem odd at first, but once you start telling people of your ideas and start bringing in employees from other companies who are willing to save electricity, you will see progress.

When you are doing this, you should also tell them the benefits this will generate over time, such as having a healthier environment, which will aid in cost savings, and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Moreover, you could tell them that by practicing energy-saving methods, you could present your company to the market, which will not only increase the company’s reputation but will also motivate bigger investors to come and do business.

There are a variety of ways you could take this conversation, either by telling them the benefits to the company by mentioning the advantages to the environment or both.

Creating marketing tools

Another important thing that you could do to motivate your employees is to ask them what they are willing to do for the company’s reputation.

You could start telling them to attend meetings so that all of you can brainstorm ideas in terms of energy management. It must be mentioned that you should let everyone speak their mind.

This way, you will understand everyone’s take and opinion on energy management and the importance of saving electricity. Once you make this a habit, you could move on to the next step, which is to make it official.

You can tell everyone in the company that you are introducing new laws and regulations in your company. You could inform your company employees that you have run an energy audit and have evaluated the mean electricity bills.

Creating a campaign

If you are interested in taking this a step further, then you could take your communication and motivation to a higher level and create a year-long campaign focused on smarter energy practices.

These practices can be applied daily, such as turning off desktops when not in use, use of LED lamp bulbs, installing energy-saving light bulbs, installing solar panels, and much more.

However, if you think that is a bit too much and out of your company’s budget, then this can also be as simple as a tagline for the program and a simple poster design, or it could include social media assets, weekly communications with the whole team, multi-team challenges for a month and more.

It must be mentioned that it is completely alright for these campaigns to be straightforward. The thing that you are trying to achieve here is to convince and motivate your employees.

That is why the best way to motivate employees to save energy is to create clear goals and communicate those frequently instead of heavily imposing new laws and rules without informing anyone. You should keep in mind that for all of this to work, you have to be patient and fully committed.


It can be said that it is not an easy task to introduce a new idea and have everyone involved in it. However, with that being said; it is also not an impossible mission. Once you understand your goals and know tactics to get everyone on board, you can easily achieve them.