Bringing a business to life is the culmination of many factors that need to work cohesively as a whole. One of the most important of these is the design that goes into creating a brand. A strong brand design is more likely to be remembered by consumers and more likely to give them a favorable impression of your brand. They will also be more likely to act as an ambassador for a brand design they like. So, how important is design in brand development for creating a strong community behind your brand?

89% of marketers claim that brand awareness is their top priority according to This essentially comes down to design. Think of Nike, McDonalds, Disney, and Apple and we can see how their strong designs encourage customer engagement. The more enthused a customer is about a brand’s design and the elements that go into the design – layout of website, logo, brand colors – the more likely they are to think favorably of them when it comes down to making purchase decisions. Many consumers want to support brands they like, so creating a strong brand design is key to building customer loyalty.

Source: Pixabay

Design Leads to Enhanced Engagement

Good design can lead to an engaged and excited community of customers. This ‘pull down’ strategy means that rather than pushing your business onto customers, they seek you out based on information you have already released and eventually become advocates and ambassadors for your business. The Lego Ideas forum is a key example of this as customers can suggest their own product packs based on Lego creations they have made – and others can vote on them. If selected, the designer is rewarded a cut of the sales.

Cosmetic brands use Instagram for this, too. For instance, Sephora has its Beauty Talk board. The strategy works by having product users share how they have used the products as a way of being re-shared on the brand’s page. Usually, this just ends up being some free publicity for the brand by some established and trusted figures in the industry.



Design Works as One Part of the Whole

Design does work as well by itself; however, your business needs to come across as sleek and professional not just in the way it is presented, but in the way it is run. It’s also important to be legally protected in order to show customers that you take your business seriously. Indeed, as the general liability insurance quotes at show, not only do they give the business peace of mind for any issues, but insurance also legitimizes a business as professional in the eyes of its customer base.

Ensure that official channels keep the same tone of voice and style when sharing information with potential customers. Presenting a cohesive brand across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23% according to LinkedIn can be good for more informative posts, while other social media can help spread excitement for new products and concepts, as well as building a community.

The best design attracts attention. This attention leads to awareness and brand recall when it comes to purchasing. This then leads to loyal customers, who are engaged with the community that has grown around the design of the brand. To create a community around the design means that there are more real people who will vouch for the brand and word of mouth recommendations are worth more than any billboard or TV ad available. The only thing that the most successful companies have in common is how well their brands have been designed.