Marketing your small business is a serious investment of your time, money and effort. There are lots of different tools and techniques you can use, but engaging an SEO Brisbane agency is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to improve your website and help you climb through Google’s search rankings. While it may take a while for SEO to start showing results, it’s an effective strategy that helps small businesses in dozens of ways.

Attract More Customers

Performing SEO is unique in that it provides you with a steady stream of customers without the need to pay for clicks on your ads. With enough work, an optimized website will attract new customers all on its own. To fully leverage the potential of SEO, it’s essential to understand its key concepts and terminology. For a comprehensive overview of important SEO terms, check out this SEO glossary of terms. This resource can help demystify SEO jargon, making it easier for you to apply effective strategies and truly capitalize on the power of search engine optimization.

2. Get Ahead of Your Competitors

There’s a big misconception in the business world that SEO is just for large companies. Nothing could be further from the truth. At its core, SEO is about making simple changes and performing work to consistently improve your website and its user experience. This takes effort, but it’s well within the reach of small businesses. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to get started. Working with an SEO agency that specializes in small businesses can help you get your foot in the door and rise above your competitors in Google’s search results. The more times your website outranks your competitors’, the better you’ll perform, and the more organic traffic you’ll attract from search results.

3. Improve Your Profitability

At the end of the day, you’re in business to make money, and SEO is one of the best tools at your disposal for improving profitability. SEO can improve the profitability of your small business in three main ways:

  • Increased web traffic – More website visitors means more potential sales. SEO is the best way to turn your website into a self-sustaining source of new web traffic.
  • Improved user experience – User experience is a huge part of SEO. The easier your website is to use, the more likely it is that a visitor will make a purchase.
  • Outrank your competitors – Research shows that customers associate strong Google search rankings with expertise and trustworthiness. If you want to outdo your competitors and capture their customers, there’s no better tool than SEO.

4. Boost Your Brand Awareness

Standing out on Google is a challenge. Even with professional SEO services on your side, the online marketplace is crowded, and it can be difficult to make an impact on your customers. Although SEO isn’t specifically designed to boost brand awareness, it’s a helpful side effect of having a website with strong search rankings. The closer you are to the #1 spot on Google, the more people will see your brand name, and the more they’ll associate your company with the things they’re searching for.

While increasing your brand awareness doesn’t directly translate into sales or site visitors, it creates a touchpoint that stays with the customer. So, they might not click on your website this time, but if they see your name enough, they’re much more likely to seek you out when they need your products or services.

5. Build a Better Online Experience

Search Engine Optimization is built around three core pillars: Authority, Relevance and Experience. User experience plays a huge role in whether a website visitor will become a customer, and Google’s search rankings reflect that fact. SEO services can help to optimize your website for user experience. This not only improves your Google rankings, it will increase the number of leads and conversions that come through your website. An SEO service will work to optimize your website’s user experience by improving:

  • Website speed
  • Ease of use
  • Site navigation and page layout
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Customer journeys
  • The website’s content

6. SEO Is a Long-Term Investment in Your Business

It’s true that it can take time before you start seeing the results of your SEO efforts. Depending on how competitive your industry is, it may take months for your SEO agency to start delivering tangible rewards. While that sounds like a bad trade, SEO is a long-term investment. The money you spend up front will be returned to you as your Google rankings improve. And, once you’ve reached the top, maintaining your position costs far less money than getting there, further improving your long-term ROI. That means SEO puts your small business in a position where it can rely on a steady stream of new customers from Google without having to spend big on paid ads or social media campaigns!