Despite the rise in use of online shopping and digital retailing, the high street still has its place in the world. Many online businesses also have a bricks and mortar shop, warehouse, or headquarters, one where visitors and customers may wish to visit. This means you need to let them know where you are! The neon sign is a great way of getting the attention of passers-by or guiding your customers to your site. Placed above the entrance, this sort of advertising has been in use for many years, and still holds sway today.

The origin of the neon sign is Paris, France, where an inventor called Georges Claude produced the first working neon lamp in 1910, and filed his patent in the US a few years later. His first customer in the USA was a Packard dealership in Los Angeles, who began the trend for this sort of signage by ordering two signs spelling the company name in 1923. As they say, the rest is history! So, should you be looking at neon today? We think not, and we’re about to tell you why.

Why LED is the Way to Go

Let’s say you want a beautiful, bright sign to highlight the exterior of your business premises, and you want that neon look. Neon is great, and very retro, but it’s also expensive and there is a much more cost-effective way to do it. We’re talking about outdoor digital LED signs and they really are the way forward. How do you choose the LED sign you need to promote your business? The simple fact is the choice is so vast you can have pretty much anything you want, so let’s have a look at them in more detail.

LED digital signs can be big, bold and brash – and that’s perfect for businesses that want to present a very bold image or perhaps a retro look – or they can be sleek, discreet and yet noticeable, and that’s where their beauty lies: these are versatile signs that can be designed as you want, for whatever purpose you want, and in just about any colour, style or size you could possibly imagine. LED is a lighting method that lends itself perfectly to creative design, and is also surprisingly energy-efficient, so you need to check it our whether you need one large sign, a couple of medium, or even several smaller signs to make an impact.

How to Make Your Choice

How do you choose an outdoor digital sign for your business? The first step is to look at the concept in more detail. Such is the state of the LED market that your choice of partners to work with in creating your signs is vast, so we recommend you have a look at who is offering their services in your area. Next, you want to think about the image you wish to present: are you in the entertainment business and want something that is all-singing, all-dancing, or perhaps you are a tech firm, and need a sleek and stylish, very 21st century sign that epitomises the modern and forward-thinking look?

Each is perfectly attainable with outdoor LED digital lighting, and you can rest assured that these are quality, long-lasting lights that will attract custom and help get your name around. The starting point is to talk to a professional with experience in the field of designing and manufacturing outdoor digital LED lights, and run your ideas by them. You’ll find that you can get the lighting signs you need at sensible prices, with full impact and a long life, and without the expense that comes with neon.