The roller blind vulgarly called roller blind or roller blind is an accessory specific to modern housing. It is practical and beautiful. There are several types of roller blinds. To make the right choice, it will be necessary to take into consideration certain criteria.


For your roller shades to play the role of the perfect decorator, you must choose the right fabric. You can find several designs to perfect the decoration of your home. If you want to stay away from external eyes, it is recommended to opt for a thick fabric with a dark color preferably. On the other hand, if you want to let daylight through, the fabric must be thin and transparent.

The most well-known fabrics are :

  • Cotton because it is durable and durable thanks to its vegetable fibers. It lets the light through and also protects from the eyes. It is the perfect ornamental accessory.


  • Linen provides a soft and neutral decoration. It lasts over time and does not pollute.


  • Synthetic materials are easily maintained and do not allow brightness to pass through. This is the case with polyester.


  • The screen is polyester and PVC variegated. It is robust and protects from ultraviolet rays and heat.


The controls of the roller blind

Life is becoming easier and easier with new technologies. That’s why even blinds have become convenient and simple to use. A distinction is therefore made between conventional roller blinds and roller blinds with motors.

The classic blind functions with the help of a small cord or chain for opening and closing. This system is increasingly stealing the spotlight from the automated system. The latter operates the blind thanks to a  built-in motor to make it more convenient. This can be guided by a button on the wall or remote control.

Specific roller blinds

These are the blinds with a day/night system. They allow both to illuminate and obscure the room. This particular model is therefore designed with two fabrics: a transparent fabric and an opaque or thick fabric. Thanks to its built-in stripes, you can activate the dark or transparent mode. This model is very clever to manage the brightness of the house according to the time of day.

Custom-rolled stores

When you do not have standard measurements, it is possible to have custom blinds made. For this, it is necessary to call on a professional in the field for a job well done. Several parameters are necessary for the technician to do a good job. It will therefore be necessary to transmit the desired color, fabric, patterns and type of control (manual or motorized).