With hybrid working on the rise and increasing numbers of people working from home, many of us are creating designated workspaces within our homes. However, for those with an outdoor space, a garden office can be a practical and attractive alternative. A working from home space in your garden helps you establish that much-needed distinction between your work life and home life, and offers you multiple options when working from home. If you’re considering creating a workspace in your garden, read on for some tips.

Decide on a design

Before you create your garden office, you’ll need to decide what kind of space you need. Are you wanting a purpose-built office-type building or a multi-function space that can also be used for relaxation and hosting garden parties and events? You’ll also need to consider whether you want your new working-from-home space to be a focal point of your garden with an eye-catching design and central location or something more discreet tucked away in a corner.

Practical considerations

There are several factors you’ll need to consider before making your dream garden office a reality. The first is to find out whether or not you’ll need planning permission. Most single-storey garden outbuildings in the UK don’t need planning permission, however, it’s always best to check first.

Consider how large you need your office space to be and how you’ll get services, such as electricity and WiFi to the building. You’ll also want to think about how you’ll heat your garden workspace so you can make use of it during the colder months.

Think about the location of the workspace within your garden. Will there be suitable shade from the sun and privacy from neighbors? If your garden is relatively small, then walking to and from the kitchen or bathroom in your home to make a hot drink or visit the toilet, shouldn’t be too much trouble but if you intend to spend all day in your garden office or it’s placed at the far side of a large garden, then you might want to include extra features such as running water, and a kitchenette or toilet facilities.

Get Organized

Keeping your work and home life separate is an important skill to master when working from home and if done well, this can improve both your work and home life as well as your mental health when working from home.

Adding storage and organizational tools to your home office will help you keep what you need where you need it and create an obvious divide between work and home. Keeping a clutter-free desk that you use only for work purposes and ensuring you have plenty of storage for files, stationary and paperwork will make your new home office a pleasure to work in.

Consider Décor

Adding personal touches to your new garden office can help you feel comfortable in the space and help you work better without blurring the lines between work hours and downtime. Air-purifying house plants and inspirational wall art can help you feel relaxed and motivated and adding solar lights will add some personality to the area and help light up the space.