The average cost of interior design services ranges from $2,000 to $12,000. In fact, with most homeowners spending approximately $5,500 for  full-scale design projects for one room, according to Fixr. Your home is a sanctuary that provides comfort after a stressful day at work or school. Interior designers know that a well-designed apartment or house can improve your mood. After all, that is why they use their skills to create the right environment.
Nonetheless, you can achieve this goal by yourself if you’re on a budget. By incorporating simple design tricks, you can  make your home look like you hired a designer. Here are some brilliant ideas for creating a zen-like interior.

Embrace the Right Shades

The simple addition of color can enhance your mood. For instance, orange brings a sense of warmth and joy that triggers positive emotions. Green strikes a balance and harmony and boosts your connection with nature. Meanwhile, blue enhances calmness and is a perfect color for bedrooms. For mental clarity, consider yellow because it’s a cheerful shade that promotes creative thinking.
A mix of blue and relational hues improves aesthetics and creates an adventurous feel. However,  choosing the right color scheme that fits your unique taste can be overwhelming. A rule of thumb is to experiment with a variety of colors and combinations to determine which shades will lift your mood.

Go Green With Sustainable Decor 

Adding plants and organic materials in your space is an excellent way to create a stress-free atmosphere. Embracing sustainable home designs, as  Mangum Builders suggest, minimizes the harsh impact of natural resources. Thus, surround yourself with greenery, from herbs in the kitchen to fresh flowers in the bathroom, and potted plants in the living room.
If you lead a busy lifestyle, opt for low-maintenance plants like cacti and succulents. You may also consider adding other natural elements such as stone, hardwood floors, rugs made from seagrass or sisal, wicker furniture, and handmade textiles. Even a feature wall or artwork depicting a natural motif can reinforce an  eco-friendly building design theme.

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light creates a tranquil environment that makes you feel rejuvenated even when you’re busy with house chores. So,  maximize the flow of sunlight in every room to create a peaceful mood and enhance productivity. Instead of heavy drapery, choose sheer curtains that let natural light inside the house. Avoid curtains and drapes altogether if privacy is not a problem. If your home doesn’t receive enough sunlight, hang mirrors opposite the windows to reflect sun rays around the room. Also, settle for light wall paint colors, add skylights, and avoid dark decor.
Creating a happy and relaxed home doesn’t cost a fortune. You only need to choose the right wall and textile colors, increase the flow of natural light and add natural elements. Furniture arrangement and lighting fixtures also affect mood in the house. Therefore, arrange sofas across each other to encourage chatting and settle for layered lighting to boost calmness and ultimate zen in your home.