“Fast and secure” is probably the most frequent search for any trader. Godex.io delivers on this with established rates throughout the entire procedure and the most beneficial offers in the market. But let’s outline how it is all being held in detail.

First, the platform gives daily updated data about the cryptos, f.e., circulating supply and max one, 24-hour trading volume, and recent percentage shifts for you to assess the price dynamics.

Before getting real with such a service, you should use a BTC to ETC calculator to check how much an individual will get afterward. How does it work?

You can in short order learn the ratios of digital currencies to one another with the use of a cryptocurrency converter. The process comes down to putting in the value in the calculator’s required field to learn how much certain cryptocurrency is worth. It is always possible to verify results in real time.

Godex conveniently displays how much the most common types of digital currency cost right away so that users can separately calculate or verify the results. This indispensable tool saves time by providing accurate conversion rates between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Benefits to exchanging on Godex

Visitors can transact in an private, quick, and secure manner. A professional Godex.io customer care is accessible around-the-clock and can handle any regular transaction request in less than 30 minutes. Once the Godex.io mobile application for iOS and Android was released, the company hopes to give people frictionless access to digital currency rates in any place. This will draw in a lot of cryptopreneurs who are looking for profitable and speedy crypto exchange procedures.

Price dynamics

Rely on the built-in Godex price calculator to determine the amount of Ether an individual will purchase after determining the quantity of BTC you wish to swap enabling this powerful tool if one is willing to sell BTC and acquire Ether.

Godex works with the most reputable cryptocurrency platforms to reveal pertinent trade information, including exchange rate comparisons, in order to ensure the most beneficial rates for the clients.

Now, let’s get down to the procedure. There are 5 easiest ways to swap BTC to ETH and vice versa:

  • Find the left and right fields in the menu and indicate the coins. Once the specific amount is put in, you’ll see how much you’ll receive at the end.
  • Enter the wallet address where the converted cryptos will be forwarded and click Exchange. This is how the process actually started.
  • Next, you’ll get from the system a deposit address that you use to forward the BTC amount you’re about to swap. Then, the transaction ID is sent.
  • While the transaction is being held, the system keeps the established rate between cryptos.
  • You will get ETH to your wallet previously given to the system together with the order information.

Why Godex.io is the right platform?

First of all, it is secure. You’re not asked to register and leave your credentials. You just do your thing with the best rates, trade, and do not feel the pressure of possible data leakage or something.

Godex explores the most optimal rates in real-time on the most prominent crypto platforms (e.f., Binance, Bitfinex, etc.) to make sure its users get the most beneficial exchange experience and do not move elsewhere. Seasoned traders or newbies in the business will find here great service, profitable rates, and reliability.

Godex always has BTC to ETH and more than 200 other cryptocurrencies accessible for trade. As a client-focused exchanger, Godex has never imposed restrictions on the volume or quantity of transactions that may be made in a single day or during any other time frame. Absolutely any quantity is exchangeable.