The modern world is full of varied useful technologies. Today, people prefer to do everything online. You can even earn money through the Internet. There are many variants to work online. In this article, we will tell you how to become a UX UI designer.

How to start a career in UI / UX design

Nowadays, people are very creative and always try to invent something new. The modern world is rather complicated and people are always in a hurry. However, there are many great technologies that are able to simplify our daily life. Today, people prefer to do everything online. You can even earn money through the Internet. There are many variants to work online, but still, UX/UI design is one of the best among others. It sounds to be very hard to start a career in this sphere, but still, the game is worth the candle. You need to learn the main information and get to know how to use certain tools. There are many companies that require hiring a well-educated UI/UX designer. Some of them can even give you some courses and you will practice your knowledge. You just need to spend a bit of your time and efforts.

What are UX / UI Designs?

Today, programming is one of the most widespread ways to earn money. Web design is a deep and interesting sphere. You may have heard a lot about varied kinds of design. However, UX / UI designers are the most required among others. Both of these branches are breathtaking for creative people. These spheres refer to websites creation. You can find out many bright websites with an amazing interface and many different options. It is the result of UX/UI designers’ work.

Difference between UX and UI

Speaking about the UI design, it is for those who want to work with the visual part of the website. These specialists work with various pictures, gifts, texts, etc. As for the UX design, it fits for those who would like to work with various programming languages. These specialists work with the functions of the website. This part operates different actions (to fulfill the form, click the button, etc.). In other words, UI design is for user interface and UX design is for user experience.

How to Become a UX / UI Designer?

Nowadays, there are many people who want to work in a web design sphere. All of them are searching for information on how to become a UX UI designer on online sources. Actually, it does not really matter whether you want to become a user experience designer or you want to become a user interface designer. Both specializations require learning programming languages and some tools. You can look through UX consulting firms here In any way, both branches are very interesting and take some time and efforts.

What do you need to know?

Web design is a rather complicated but very interesting sphere. If you want to become a well-educated specialist, you should understand the main principles of this profession. So, what does a UX UI designer do? You can choose one branch between UX and UI or you can study both of them. Today, there is much information on the Internet. UX UI designer should create the visual part of the website (find out and prepare photos, pictures, texts) and work with programming languages to add some options and functions.

Skills you need to have

In order to become a good specialist, you must be careful and attentive. You need to concentrate on the design. To understand the main essence of the design, it’ll be better to look through numerous portfolios of other specialists. Also, you need to study special tools. You’ll work with RedPen (collaboration), Balsamiq (to create a layout), Sketch (interface), Invision App (prototyping), Figma (interface with collaboration), Adobe XD (prototyping).

Basically, both spheres are very interesting. If you do not know what to choose whether to become a UX designer or to become a UI designer, you can study both branches. There are special courses that will provide you with special books and useful info. Also, you can look through various blogs where designers share their portfolios with others. In any way, if UX UI design is interesting for you, just spend your time and study all the necessary tools and programs.