Countless exercise routines have been interrupted or even completely destroyed by traveling. Sometimes people will work for a year to get in better shape as they prepare for a cruise, and then once they hit the ship’s buffet, all nutrition and fitness discipline goes out the window. Other people find that they have no problem exercising regularly at home, but then never keep it up while they’re on business trips. This is understandable — travel can be stressful, and often, people are trying to enjoy themselves as much as possible when they’re away from home, so they simply don’t worry about their fitness goals. Remember to bring your gym clothes when you are ready to travel.

If you are concerned about breaking your good habits while you’re on a business trip or vacation, the following tips will help you stay in shape no matter where you are.

1. Get Travel-Sized Gear

You can get everything you need to stay in shape in a travel-sized package. Some people will even take dumbbells with them on vacation — there is no reason you can’t throw some small weights in the back of your car on a road trip. Some of the best portable exercise equipment includes jump ropes, resistance bands and pushup bars — these will all fit in a carry-on without taking up much room or additional weight.

You can even bring proper recovery gear when you travel — massage balls work wonders and will fit in any bag. You can also bring muscle balms, and websites such as have options for CBD supplements that are easy to take anywhere.

If you have sufficient exercise gear in travel sizes, you can also save room storing equipment at home. Not only will this reduce clutter, but when you hit the road, you will already have a good routine down with this equipment, so you’ll be able to maintain your goals from the vacation rental without any interruptions.

2. Remember Calisthenics

Calisthenics are exercises that use your bodyweight — this includes exercises such as pushups and jumping jacks. You can enhance this kind of workout by using the furniture in your lodging: make your pushups more intense by putting your hands on the ground, but put your feet up on a chair and work from an incline. You can also do tricep dips on the edge of a couch.

A great cardio option that many people overlook is shadow boxing. This is an excellent callisthenic exercise when you are traveling because you can do it in just about any space, and if you have travel companions in the other rooms, it doesn’t require any jumping around or shuffling, so it can be done discreetly. This is a good way to get your cardio in if you’re uncomfortable going for a jog in a new town.

3. Don’t Overthink It

Don’t fret too much about whether you have the right gear or if you do not feel confident that you can do workouts like tricep dips or shadow boxing — you can keep it extremely simple. Pack some running shoes — they can be used as your everyday shoes during your trip — and go for a jog or even a walk. Simple, right? Anybody could do that.

You also have a world of fitness trainers at your disposal on your laptop or phone — many trainers offer apps or YouTube videos to guide your workouts. If you find a particular trainer that you like when you’re exercising at home, you’ll feel that much more confident knowing you can keep up your routine when you’re away. Even the paid apps will often have free options, so look around and find one that works for your preferences.

It’s important to enjoy yourself, so don’t pass on dessert during vacation if you don’t want to, but do remember to still make some healthy choices. Remember that self-care is always important, and while it’s easy to take a week off when you’re traveling, you will enjoy your journeys even more if you’re taking care of your body. No matter where or how you travel, there is always some way to exercise, whether that’s utilizing the hotel gym, just walking around town or doing some pushups next to your bed in the morning. Don’t let your upcoming vacation throw off the great habits you’ve gotten yourself into.