Are you curious about digital marketing agencies and if they are the best thing for your business?

Read on to see how you can know if you need a digital marketing agency.

Getting Behind?

Running online marketing campaigns can take a lot of time and energy. Whether it is just you or a whole team of people. The area where most companies, especially smaller ones, fall short is planning.

Digital marketing campaigns are not something you can just do. It takes a significant amount of planning ahead. In fact, you should already have the next marketing campaign almost completely planned out before even starting your current one.

This type of planning requires a minimum of three months in advance. If this seems impossible for your team to accomplish, you may need to hire an agency to do it for you.

Feeling Burnt Out?

If you do not have a team of experienced marketing professionals. You are probably doing all of the planning and work on your own. While this may be saving you a lot of money on the front end, it is undoubtedly unsustainable. You will quickly become burnt out if you are not already. So, if you have been running the marketing side of your business and want more time to focus on other aspects. It is time to bring a digital marketing agency on board.

Is Your Website Traffic Declining?

When you first started your business, you most likely received a lot of initial traffic on your website. Over time, this is bound to fade away. To avoid this natural decline, you must consistently post new high-quality content and keep your website current. If you have not updated your website in a couple of years and do not have the time or resources to keep up with it, you should consider outsourcing!

Don’t Have the Resources In-House?

Resources are a huge factor in what you can and cannot do in-house. Whether your business is new or small, outsourcing is a great way to upscale quickly.

For most businesses hiring and training a marketing team takes too much time and costs too much money upfront. It is just not feasible. If this sounds like your business, you should look into outsourcing a marketing agency!

Have You Run Out of Ideas?

Maybe your company started off great! You were full of marketing ideas that helped your business gain traction in the first two or three years. The only thing is you are now completely out of ideas for moving forward. Outsourcing is a great way to get some fresh eyes on the matter and continue your growth!

Does Your Site Lack Strong Content?

Are you having trouble creating strong content for your website? When people find a company and make their way to its site. They want to see great products that are well presented. All the information they could possibly want about your company. And, of course, plenty of pictures. This could easily be too much work for you to focus on, so hire someone else to focus on it.

Do You Want to Climb the Google Ranking System?

If you own a business, hopefully, you are already familiar with the google ranking system. It is the algorithm that Google uses to determine what search results pop up first. The first result that pops up when you search for something is algorithmically the most popular and relevant. You want to be that search result for any search related to your industry.


Google uses a system they call EAT to structure this algorithm. It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

  • Expertise: Google looks for information that is well cited and clearly stated.
  • Authoritativeness: Google looks for websites that display their accomplishments, customer testimonials, and credentials.
  • Trustworthiness: Having an SSL license will prove to google that you are a trustworthy source.

Do You Effectively Pursue SEO?

Along with tending to the Google EAT algorithm, you should heavily pursue search engine optimization. This may be the most complex form of digital marketing. It involves keywords, articles with the right amount of words, linked relevant keywords, and much more.

Search engine optimization ultimately gets you higher up on Google’s radar and provides you with a better chance of being the first search result to pop up. If you are looking to significantly increase the traffic to your page, hiring a team to optimize your SEO is the way to do it!

It May Be Time to Outsource

If you have found that any of the above statements are true, it may be time for your company to outsource! The last thing you want is a decline in traction or traffic. So, hire a team of professionals to handle all of your digital marketing needs for you. You may be surprised at how quickly it can turn your online presence around.