Whether you have a small patio or a large patio area leading out into a garden, nothing is more fun than sprucing this area up. A lot of times, the key to that is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and see what you can add to it to make it appear more inviting.

Thinking from an objective perspective can be a great way to help you design this area well. Think about it; can you add any furniture, pot plants, or accessories to take your currently boring patio and transform it into something glamorous?

Here are some tips to consider when you decide that you want to take your patio’s design up a notch:

Look to interior designers for inspiration

The great thing about the internet is that you can find the work of professional interior designers like Eddie Maestri and mine it for inspiration. For instance, Maestri’s own patio features turquoise and green furniture that adds a whimsical color-blocking element to the black and white patio floors.


When you look at the homes of famous interior designers and look at interior design magazines for inspiration, you’ll realize that sometimes all you need is that luxurious pop of color. Sunflower yellow, postbox red, or hints of hot pink furniture will look delicious on a patio with neutral or black and white floors. Think of the tone that you want to set when guests arrive on your patio and set this tone using colors, textures, and accessories.

Furniture is everything

Irrespective of whether your patio is big or small, the furniture that you choose for this area is of utmost importance. Bistro tables work well for small patio areas and you can also add an oversized umbrella to the area should you have a very large space. Most importantly, choose furniture pieces that fit in well in your patio area. Then add personal touches to include elements of your personality to your patio. An outdoor rug may do the trick, too.

Choose practicality over temporary frills

You may want to choose furniture pieces just because they look good. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the patio area is an outdoor space that needs furniture pieces that will look good outside for years to come.


Teak is one type of outdoor furniture material that looks good and offers a lustrous natural finish. Find the best choice for a teak outdoor sofa from your favorite online furniture store and make sure that it’s an option that will look elegant in your patio area. While teak outdoor sofas may not be your first choice, in the long run, they will most probably be your best outdoor furniture choice.

Lighting for all times of the day

Most patios are best for use during the day. However, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy lounging on your patio in the evenings. Sometimes all it takes is the right type of lighting to transform your patio from something ordinary to something extraordinary. Certain types of lighting like string lighting or attractive lanterns add warmth to your patio area and make the patio seem far more inviting.

Warm up the area

Your patio need not become redundant during winter. Warm up the area by adding a fire pit. You do need to do some prior research as to what is acceptable with regard to fire pits before you decide on one. If a fire pit seems out of the question, consider adding plant boxes. It’s amazing what adding a few extra accessories can do for your patio area. Keep these hints in mind and have an attractive patio area that will be inviting for you and your guests.