Six Sigma certifications are recognized worldwide and acquiring these certifications is highly profitable for professionals in the business management field. The Six Sigma certification helps individuals improve their management expertise & make them more preferred candidates when it comes to job hiring.

Six Sigma offers different levels of certifications, including white, yellow, green, black, and Master Black Belt. Let’s discuss the Green Belt and what you should know to easily pass the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.

What is the Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification All About?

This certification gives proper knowledge of the Six Sigma tools and methodologies and helps individuals excel in the field of Business Management. The Green Belt™ Certification also helps an individual to upskill in management processes by learning the required real-world strategies. There are many training programs that provide top courses helping the candidates in acquiring this prestigious certification. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification course trains business professionals in reducing errors, streamlining processes, and improving the overall success rate of the company.

People who want to get this Green Belt certification must consider the following points before they start preparing for its exam.

  • They have to devote proper time for exam preparation even if they have the notion of Six Sigma tools and methodologies.
  • Proper conceptual understanding and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training from a reputable institute are needed to crack the exam.
  • People interested in taking this exam must have a sound knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

Let us now have a look at the essential requirements to gain this certification.

Requirements To Pass the Six Sigma Green Belt™ Exam

Individuals who are interested in getting the Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification must have at least 3-4 years of full-time working experience in the relevant field. Part-time or internship training will not be sufficient to appear for this exam.

A candidate must also have the following qualities-

  • Ability to think Logically
  • Consistency in Work & Management
  • Qualities to work as a Leader & Motivator in the Team
  • Desire to achieve Success by making continuous improvements
  • Anyone who wants to achieve success in the professional field should be able to stand out from the crowd and then prepare to give the Six Sigma Green Belt exam.

Here is the exam pattern of the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam for your reference.

  • There are five sections in the Exam.
  • Candidates are given 3 hours to solve 100 questions. 20 questions for each section.
  • 10 additional questions are also included, which are not evaluated and are just to give the gist of the real exam.
  • Questions given are of MCQs and True/False types.
  • It is a closed book test.
  • The candidates are required to score at least 70% marks to clear the exam.

Tips to Pass the Six Sigma Green Belt™ Exam with Ease

A few tips are given here that can help individuals prepare for the Six Sigma Green Belt™ exam. Candidates who wish to appear for the exam must follow the given tips to become successful.

  • Understanding the syllabus is the most important part of preparing for any exam. Therefore, candidates must ensure that they go through the entire syllabus for the Green Belt exam of Six Sigma. They must make a proper study plan to prepare for the exam. They should keep in mind the time & syllabus left until the exam to make continuous changes in the preparation strategy.
  • Candidates must study each topic thoroughly by covering every section of the syllabus. They must not leave any topic, especially the important ones that get repeated most often. This might be the obvious but highly effective pointer to keep in mind and prepare well for the exam.
  • Most questions are based on logical thinking. Therefore, candidates must apply logical thinking and should be able to relate the concepts with the real business problem. This will help in better understanding the questions and framing the right answers. This will also help the candidates to expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Candidates must solve exercises based on all topics of the Green Belt exam syllabus. This will help in a better understanding of the topics. Candidates can solve sample questions to understand the type of questions asked in the Six Sigma Green Belt exam. They can find sample questions online.
  • Candidates must subscribe to the mock tests from a recognized institute. This will help them to understand the format of the questions and they can get an idea about the difficulty of the questions. This will help them to prepare for the real exam because the questions asked in the real exam are nearly similar to the mock questions. They can also identify their weak areas and work on strengthening them.
  • Study Materials: Candidates must refer to the offline and online study material available to prepare for this exam. If you have joined a training program, then you will get the well-organized study material from there. You should first finish that study material and then also refer to others. After completing the training program or course, you can do self-study as it is the best practice to prepare for the exam.
  • Six Sigma Guide: Candidates must use the Six Sigma Green Belt™ study guide that is available online. They must go through the complete study guide for all the important points. The study guide can help the candidates to learn important terms and definitions. They can also get an idea about the important topics related to this exam.

Candidates Must Do Case Studies. This will help them to learn problem-solving techniques that are important to achieve success in business management. Candidates can find case studies specific to every topic for proper understanding. The Green Belt exam questions are difficult and require practical knowledge. Going through the various relevant case studies can be highly beneficial in creating a better understanding of the syllabus.

Join Training Program or Course: Aspiring candidates must join a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification course. The course can help them understand the tools and develop the required skills. The methodologies learned through the course can be applied similarly in real business management with some tweaks. If you choose a classroom-based course, it will help you to interact with the instructor regularly. You can ask questions based on your problems and get your doubts resolved by the experts.


Green Belt certified professionals can get lucrative jobs all around the world. There is never a shortage of job opportunities for these professionals, owing to their expertise in the field. The certificate can help the professionals to apply their expert knowledge and skills in improving the overall efficiency of businesses & companies. Thus, making them valuable assets for the companies they work for.

The Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification is not easy to achieve, and candidates have to follow proper preparation methods to prepare for the exam. Candidates must spare ample time to prepare and they must go through the syllabus and should solve the most reliable mock tests to get an idea about the exam. Proper preparation can help candidates make their dream come true and clear the Six Sigma Green Belt™ exam with ease.