Having a website is important for a business, but having a right kind of website keeping the business in mind is more important. There are numerous website templates available online and there are a lot of choices when it comes to designing a website. You can choose to build a Dynamic, Static, Responsive, Parallax, or E-Commerce website, but which one to pick according to your business, which website designer to hire, are some worrisome questions.

Before you decide which website is right for your business, ask yourself these questions:

What type of business do you have?

Who is your target audience?

Do you want to sell online?

Do you offer a service?

Do you have a product catalogue?

What’s your budget?

Now take a look at these website options for your business:

Dynamic website:- These websites are interactive in nature and will create a professional, attention-grabbing experience for your visitors. A website with dynamic capabilities opens up prospects like online booking, voting polls, e-newsletter, galleries, e-commerce, forums/message boards and a few more.

Responsive website:- Responsive design is a web design that reacts to the size of a user’s screen. This type of website is a bit expensive as compared to others, but are very demanding. Responsive design represents the simplest way to reach users across multiple devices.


Parallax website:- Parallax website means one page website. Instead of designing a website on multiple pages, all the content exists on a single page for visitors. The current web designing trend is ‘Parallax Scrolling’. This type of website creates 3D effect as you scroll down the website, therefore, directs visitors to call to action.


Static Website:- Ideal for small scale businesses and standard businesses. Static websites mean basic version of websites where content, design, color everything remains fix till the web developer modifies it. These websites are cost-effective as compared to dynamic websites and easily crawled by the search engine spiders and attracts more visitors.


Some add-ons


Brochure website: – If you sell products in a physical store and want to display products to your customers, then a brochure website is suggested.

Catalogue website: – If you want to upload, remove products via CMS, then a catalogue website is recommended.

A professional website designer can suggest you the right option for your business.

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