A whole-home renovation can seem like a lot to tackle at one time. However, this does save time in the long run over doing one room at a time. If your home needs a complete overhaul, now’s the time to start planning the full home renovation. To get ready for everything, try the following steps.

Talk With a Contractor About the Plans

With ideas of what the home should look like and what changes are needed, talk to a contractor like those at masonworksllc.com about the plans. A contractor will be able to start creating an overall plan for the home as well as scheduling any help or ordering supplies that may be needed. It is important to work as closely as possible with the contractor to choose any materials or colors and to make sure everything goes smoothly during the renovation.

Clean and Declutter the Home

Ahead of the renovation, take time to deep clean the home and get rid of any clutter. Even if the plan is to stay in the home during the renovation, a lot of belongings will need to be packed up to clear out the rooms and to prevent damage during as the updates are made. Cleaning and decluttering helps minimize the amount to pack and ensures everything is ready ahead of the renovation.

Consider Where You’ll Stay

The plan may be to stay in the home during the renovation if there is one room that won’t be changed. If this is the plan, make sure the room has everything necessary, including storage for food items, ways to make coffee and food, extra clothing, and other necessities. If staying in the home during the renovation seems like too much to handle with the mess or the noise, book alternate housing as early as possible and consider where to go if the renovation takes longer than expected.

Think About Where to Store Belongings

Many belongings will need to be stored to protect them from damage. While the sofa may be okay if it’s covered, grandma’s dishes should probably be put in storage for the duration of the renovation to make sure none of them are broken. It is important to choose the right size storage unit. One that’s too small won’t hold everything, and one that’s too large may be a waste of money. Make sure everything is packed carefully and placed in the unit so it’s easy to access if needed.

Be Ready to Make Decisions

There may be decisions to make throughout the renovation process if something unexpected comes up. Be prepared to make any decisions necessary, like whether to go ahead and replace older plumbing that’s found under the tub or in the kitchen. Being ready helps minimize any delays so the renovation is completed as soon as possible.

If you’re planning a whole-home renovation, being prepared can make a huge difference in how stressful the project is and whether you have anything to worry about before the work begins. A little work now can mean a whole lot less work later. Talk to a contractor today about your ideas for the home to make sure you have a plan in place and to get help determining if there are any other things you need to do before the workers get started.