How to really annoy your graphic designer, do ensure that you stay away from making these mistakes employers. Enjoy the top 10 bugbears and irritations of creative graphic designers from around the world are now revealed and exposed in this amusing and entertaining infographic that should bring a smile to anyone with even a passing interest in design and creative graphics.

“Can you make the logo design bigger and brighter please?” “Can we change the font and colors.” If either of these two sentences cause normally easy going patient eyes to immediately glaze over along with an urgent need to scratch and bang heads you are not alone by a long mile.

In fact it’s more than likely that you’re a graphic designer who is totally tired, exhausted and fed up with hearing inexperienced and ignorant suggestions from those with no proper knowledge of the complexities of modern graphic design or marketing.

How to Really Annoy Your Graphic Designer

Chances are that it also means this infographic is right up your street and that the content is very much something you can all relate to as hard working graphic designers in your creative field. Either way there is probably something in this design infographic that we can all relate to, enjoy.

How to Annoy Your Graphic Designer

How to Really Annoy Your Graphic Designer Infographic

This infographic that should appeal to graphic designers with all levels of design experience was created by Print-Print. The highly engaging creative graphic collates together 10 of the most annoying and irritating habits and ignorant questions that are sure to get under the nose of every half competent graphic designer.

So graphic design clients and customers wherever you are, do take note. A word to the wise also. Should you drop any of these howlers at the next meeting with the designer then you’re sure to invoke the wrath of your creative design team in a big way.

Not only that designers, if this infographic doesn’t include your pet hate from your customers and clients, then we would love to hear back from you with your thoughts and comments on the how to improve the how to really annoy your graphic designer infographic.