How to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos in a Casino with Friends

Even if you don’t get lucky, visiting a casino is an amazing opportunity to socialize and connect with your friends. You can have a great time at home playing an online casino, but a casino trip is a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime! Make sure you document these moments by taking photos that you’ll want to show off.

Clean Your Lens Before You Start

A fingerprint or a smudge could be enough to ruin an otherwise beautiful photo! Before you start snapping pictures, take the time to clean off your camera’s lens. This is especially important when you’re taking photos with a smartphone.

Abrasive materials, like a paper napkin, could wind up scratching your camera lens. That’s why it’s best to stick to using something soft that won’t cause any damage, like a microfiber cloth. Once you get into the habit of wiping down your lens before you shoot, you’ll be able to take much better pictures.

Adjust Your Camera Settings

Your camera will ultimately have a big impact on how your photos turn out. While you may not be able to upgrade your camera, you can get better pictures with the camera you have by making a few adjustments to the camera’s settings. If you’re using a digital camera, it’s best to enable auto ISO and turn on image stabilization settings.

On a smartphone, turning on HDR can help you to capture crisp, clear photos, even in a darker setting like a casino. Composition is key to great photos, and switching on grid lines makes it much easier to compose a shot. If you’re taking candid shots of your friends, burst mode will let you take lots of pictures in a row!

Look for Light

Bright sunlight creates contrast, making it easier to take great-looking photos. It can get pretty dark inside a casino, but you’ll still be able to snap some fantastic shots if you’re able to find sources of light.

If possible, try to take photos near windows where a lot of sunlight shines through. When that’s not an option, try to find areas that are brightly lit. If you can’t get the light that you need, make sure you use your flash to light up your subjects.

Avoid Zooming In

Digital zoom allows you to take pictures from a distance, but it’s not the best way to snap photos when you’re at a casino. When you use the digital zoom feature, it can leave you with grainy photos. Instead of zooming in, get close to your subjects so that you can capture details without zooming in.

While digital zoom should be avoided, you can zoom in if you’re using a camera that has an optical lens. Some newer smartphone models also have a built-in telephoto lens. As a general rule, you should consider the camera you’re working with when deciding whether you should zoom in.

Look for the Best Backdrops

The right backdrop can make or break a photo! After you arrive, spend some time exploring the casino so that you can find the most interesting locations for photos. Whether you pose for a picture in front of a fountain or snap a few shots by the slot machines, you should search for backgrounds that will add color and visual interest to your photos.

In addition to looking for the right backdrops for shots, you may also want to search for some props! Many people find it easier to pose for pictures when they have some props on hand. You and your friends could grab a drink or show off your chips as you pose for a picture.

Take Lots of Pictures

Keep in mind that you don’t have to share every photo you take on Instagram! If you capture lots of shots, you’ll be able to look through all the images you’ve taken and show off the photos that you’re proud of.

Snapping lots of shots will also help you to remember your casino trip. Even if some of the pictures you take aren’t perfect, they’ll still bring back memories of an amazing trip. Memories fade, but years from now, you’ll still be able to look back at your photos!

Edit Your Photos

Even if your pictures don’t turn out perfectly, you can enhance your images with a little bit of editing! If there are any distracting details in the background, like a person walking by, crop the image to edit them out. Adjust the contrast and exposure levels to make the image look brighter or darker.

You can increase the intensity of colors by tweaking the saturation and vibrance settings. Sharpening a photo can make it look crisp and clean. In addition to adjusting these settings, you can use filters or editing apps, like Lightroom, to quickly make changes to the way a photo looks.

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take Instagram-worthy photos! If you’re planning on visiting a casino with your friends, these tips will help you capture plenty of photos during your trip!