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This isn’t your grandfather’s market. In 2022, your stakeholders investigate issues and make decisions after checking Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social media has become the new standard for communication where the buy- and sell-sides meet online.

With social media driving engagement today, these platforms are mission-critical when it comes to your capital markets virtual events.

You can use your online presence to increase the reach and impact of your next event—whether it’s a digital bus tour, investor virtual conference, or roundtable.

What Are Your Socials?

Social media is a broad umbrella of apps that connect people, making it easy to share ideas and research online. Thousands of digital tools fall under this definition, but not all of them support your investor relations strategy—even if your brand has an account.

Corporate TikTok, for example, is an emerging marketing platform that can help your brand integrate viral stories into the feeds of scrolling customers. Roughly 1 in 12 Fortune 500 companies are on the short-form video app.

But the lion’s share of TikTok’s audience is Gen Z, or users aged 10–25. In other words, TikTok users aren’t your core audience for investor relations intelligence.

Instead, your investor relations strategy will likely focus on these heavy hitters.

LinkedIn: Name any F500 company and it has a LinkedIn profile. According to the Center for Marketing Research (CMR), it’s the number one spot for corporate media usage. It’s an option for your investor relations strategy, as many of your institutional investors are also on the app.

Twitter: Although Twitter’s saturation is lower than LinkedIn (95% of F500 companies have an account), CMR research shows it’s at the helm of most corporate social media strategies. It’s an easy way to distribute content and drive engagement.

YouTube: With just 90% of F500 companies on YouTube, it trails behind LinkedIn and Twitter. However, it’s important to note that roughly 82% of Internet traffic is video, and YouTube is by far the most popular video-hosting app with more than 1 billion users. It’s the perfect place to upload video content, including older recordings of your capital markets events pulled from your webcasting platform.

Tips to Help You Leverage Your Socials

Here are some top tips to help you make the most of your socials.

Collaborate with an Investor Relations Consulting Expert

An established IR firm specializing in corporate access events conferences can provide invaluable insights into expanding your reach. The top firms provide a virtual event management platform where you can publish personalized content and a branded environment for capital markets events.

This platform makes it easy to collect and review events analytics that you can leverage into relevant posts.

Share Snippets of Your Content

Summarizing an entire conference in just 280 characters is challenging, if not impossible. Understanding the limits of these accounts can help your team develop compelling and concise content.

Rather than trying for a summary of the events, line up dynamic quotes that stop people from scrolling. Choose those citations or extracts that provide value to your followers. You can link back to scripts, press releases, and other information for those who want to know more.

Use it as a Calendar Reminder

No social media content strategy is complete without using it as a reminder for upcoming events. Circulate those event dates to generate excitement, along with key conference information like registration links, polls, and instructions.

Bottom Line

Both entirely digital and hybrid investor conferences lend themselves naturally to your social media presence. Most, if not all, of your attendees are already plugged in online — you can easily sync content across all channels to create an immersive digital experience.