If you have a MacBook that you use exclusively for work, why not spend some on it to get away from all the woes that you face at your job? A Mac offers a plethora of potential ways to entertain yourself. If you wish to find out what those are, continue reading the rest of this article.

Explore Your Artistic Side

Exploring your artistic side should be one of the first things to consider. Even if you believe that you have no talent, the discovery might surprise you after you spend some time on it.

For example, you could draw for a bit. There is no need to become a professional painter or a graphic designer, but the experience can still be fun. If you had used MS Paint on Windows before you switched to macOS, know that the apple version of paint is more or less non-existent. You will need to use Preview that has some basic drawing functions or an application like Capto.

Besides drawing, you could also write a short story or a different piece of fiction. And there is no need to bother with applications as you can just open a blank Google Doc and start typing to see where your story goes.

Consume News

Reading and watching the news is another way to distance yourself from work. Thanks to your Mac and an internet connection, you can launch an internet browser and go to news websites that interest you to find out what has been going on around the world or at a place where you live.

Socialize With Others

With the pandemic, there are few opportunities to go outside and socialize with friends and family, not to mention meeting new people and establishing new relationships.

Luckily, you can still keep in touch with others on social media and communication platforms like Discord. And keep in mind that these platforms provide an opportunity to meet new people as well. You can join communities with similar interests to yours and find like-minded people.

Try Video Games

Many computer enthusiasts would argue that MacBooks are not that great for playing video games. And they would be right for the most part. Video games run better on personal computers and consoles.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that gaming on a MacBook is not a thing. If anything, more and more game developers have been optimizing their IPs to have them run on macOS with as few issues as possible. Add the fact that Mac hardware has improved in recent years as well, and the situation does not seem too bad.

Of course, running AAA titles on ultra settings is out of the question, but there are multiple indie games that are just as entertaining and immersive as some of the best mainstream video games.

Some of the most recent examples of great indie video games are Hades, Stardew Valley, The Hollow Knight, Valheim, and Super Meat Boy.

Listen to Music

Some people could not imagine their work without music. It is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Besides, having a background noise is great to make the day go by faster, so long as it does not get in the way of your actual duties.

Now, when it comes to listening to music on a MacBook, the days of iTunes have become a thing of the past. Now, Apple has a service where they combine multiple media types, including movies, TV shows, and songs.

On the other hand, you do not have to limit yourself to just built-in tools. Spotify has pretty much all the music you might need, and it is free with an option to buy a premium package that stops the ads.

YouTube is also worth a shout, though it is not that great because the platform is meant for video viewing rather than listening to songs. Having an extra browser tab just to listen to music will consume system resources as well.

Check Streaming Websites

Watching streamers on Twitch TV is a popular pastime these days. You have various personalities that create high-quality content. And while Twitch TV started as a hub for gamers, it has evolved since then, and you can find cooking, music, talk shows, and other types of content.

The content is free, but if you like it, you can send a donation to your favorite streamer or subscribe to support them.

Watch Movies and TV Shows

With Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming services, there should be something to watch even if you are a picky person. These companies invest a lot of money to create original content in their attempt to get a larger share of the market.

Check what is available on either of these platforms and spend an hour or two watching a fun movie or a TV show.