Stripes have been a regularly used motif in home decoration ever since humans started decorating our homes, they’re a simple design to incorporate into your home and over the years it’s become evident that we love using stripes in our home’s decoration.

If you want to jump on this age old design motif in your home, read on as we look at some of the ways you can introduce striped designs into your home to compliment your home’s décor!

First Off – Vertical Or Horizontal Stripes

Traditionally vertical stripes have been the go to way to add stripes into your home, vertical stripes create an illusion of height which makes your ceilings appear higher than they actually are. Then with your stripes you can opt for similar colors like cream and white to create a subtle effect or use contrasting colors like black and white to give your stripes a more powerful effect.

Horizontal stripes are less common in modern home décor, but still have their place as the more ‘light-hearted’ stripe option. Where vertical stripes make rooms feel taller, horizontal stripes will elongate spaces and make your room feel wider. Horizontal stripes are also considered more playful and use fun color combinations which provide a fresh look.

So now we know what sort of stripes we can use and know what effects they give (vertical to add height, horizontal to add width) let’s look at where and how we can use those stripes in our personal spaces!

Use Striped Furnishings As Accent Pieces

An easy way to add stripes into your home as an accent is to use furnishings like blinds, rugs or scatter cushions with striped patterns on them. This will allow you to add in striped motifs without over-committing to the striped theme in your home, because of this, tis is an excellent way to use stripes in tandem with other design schemes in your home.

For striped furnishings, you have a lot of choice as you can opt for furnishings like rugs with striped patterns added to them to create bold striped styles, or you can rely on furnishings that naturally have a striped appearance like day and night blinds or venetian blinds for a subtler striped style which will give you the feel of stripes without overwhelming your home with stripes.

Turn Furniture Into Focal Points With Striped Upholstery

Another way to use stripes in your home without fully committing to a striped décor scheme is to use striped upholstery on your furniture like sofas and ottomans to turn your furniture into striped focal points of your home’s designs. Allowing you to use furniture to inject stripes into a room.

This can also be paired with striped accessories and accent pieces to create a nice stripey space, without you needing to paint stripes on your walls. But if you do look to bring accent pieces into your décor with focal point furniture, it’s important to make sure your stripes are using a similar color pallet, so that your stripes don’t clash.