Icy mountains are dangerous environments, with icy winds blasting  Swiss photographer Robert Bösch, decided to do a large scale photo shoot in the Alps. The shoot would involve hundreds of people. These brave mountain climbers battled the natural elements and appalling weather and conditions to obtain some magnificent photographs from the majestic Alps.

Scaling the Alps

You start at the bottom where it is peaceful and easy to get about, then it gets worse!

The photo series ‘Hundreds Of Mountaineers Scale The Alps For Epic Photoshoot’ was created by Robert Bösch, who carefully coordinated the team of climbers on the snowy Alps. Working quick against time and extreme conditions, the team showcased their skills and durability of Mammut’s products by hiking to incredible heights, hanging from suspension ropes in precise positions, and forming beautiful patterns and shapes spread over the landscape.

Scaling The Alps in Pictures

These photographs depict Mammut’s  products in a 2015 ad campaign. Paying homage to explorer Edward Whymper and his team, who were the first to ascend to the peak 150 years ago, Bösch directed his team of mountaineers to journey to their designated locations, shine their lights, and illuminate the route taken by Whymper a century and a half ago.

Honoring Past Climbers

The carefully crafted images from the Alps not only honor those brave people who climbed the Matterhorn in the past, but also inspires adventurous souls who hope to reach the zenith in the future. Take a look at this series of photos that document the accent in the journey that was scaling the Alps.

More info: robertboesch.ch

Hundreds Of Mountaineers Scale The Alps For Epic Photoshoot Hundreds Of Mountaineers Scale The Alps For Epic Photoshoot Hundreds Of Mountaineers Scale The Alps For Epic Photoshoot Hundreds Of Mountaineers Scale The Alps For Epic Photoshoot alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-6 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-7 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-8 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-9 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-10 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-11 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-12 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-13  alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-15